Watch: Justin Bieber Filmed A Music Video On The Great Wall Of China Which Leaked Online Early


Remember at the start of the month when we saw those photos of Justin Bieber being carried like a baby by his bodyguards when he visited the Great Wall of China? Well, it turns out that The Biebs was actually filming a music video for his just-released new song All That Matters. Unfortunately for Bieber, a rough cut of the video leaked its way online for our viewing pleasure. On the plus side, the video doesn’t feature any embarrassing footage of JB being carried around like a child so … he can pretend to still have “swag” in this video. Click the embed above to watch Justin trying to act like a mack on the Great Wall of China (while never forgetting THIS image of the kid in the arms of much larger men).

  • Rebecca

    Can’t get over the dumpy butt pants.

  • nicole

    i dont think even a finished version would make this video any better.

  • Megan

    Ugh. What is his obsession with these pants. And I ashamedly admit I like some of his songs, but this one sucks.