Yay! Elizabeth Berkley Will Dance To ‘I’m So Excited’ On ‘Dancing With The Stars’


OMG. This is amazing! You may recall that we learned back in September that Saved By The Bell (and Showgirls) star Elizabeth Berkley was named a contestant on the current season of Dancing with the Stars and today we learn that homegirl has got an EPIC performance lined up for next week’s show. Longtime Saved By The Bell fans may recall that Berkley’s over-achieving character on the show, Jessie Spano, became addicted to caffeine pills on a very special episode of the show and in that ep, she gave a sad performance of the Pointer Sisters song I’m So Excited. Today we learn, on the next episode of DWTS, Berkley and her professional dance partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy will give a dance performance to I’m So Excited! OMG. I am LITERALLY so excited to see their performance!!!

We are so excited—and so scared—by this news! We just got an exclusive sneak peek at next week’s Dancing With the Stars song list, and you will never guess what Elizabeth Berkley is using in her routine. Any Saved by the Bell fan probably guessed it by now. It’s “I’m So Excited” by The Pointer Sisters! It’s happening, folks. We wished it, and it came true! For the uninformed, on a season-two episode of Saved by the Bell, Berkley’s character Jesse got addicted to caffeine pills as a means to keep up with her busy school schedule and her singing group commitments. Before she is set to perform “I’m So Excited”, Zack (Mark Paul Gosselaar) discovers her pill problem and attempts to wrestle them away from her. Jesse, in a now iconic scene, wants to show her best friend that she’s just fine by trying to sing the lyrics to the song, but she eventually dissolves into hysterics admitting that she’s not so excited, she’s so scared! Watch the glorious Bell moment for yourself if you need to really feel the emotions.

We can only assume that since Berkley will be dancing to “I’m So Excited”, she must be poking fun or celebrating that golden moment in her television career. She has to, right? Anything else will be a tragic disappointment.

Here is short video of how Elizabeth and Valentin announced to the world that they will be dancing to I’m So Excited:

I vividly remember that episode of Saved By The Bell and I’m really looking forward to seeing how Elizabeth will spoof that brilliant pop culture moment. I guess I’ll have to tune in and watch the entire episode of Dancing with the Stars because Nicole Snooki Polizzi and her professional dance partner Sasha Farber will be dancing to Work Bitch by Britney Spears. HMMM. Dancing with the Stars airs tomorrow night … you’re gonna watch, right?


  • Joan

    OMG I hope she embraces the 90s oufit as well! And I hope Mark-Paul Gosselaar is in the audience…just ’cause I wouldn’t mind looking at him. xD

  • xokimmy

    I’ve never watched even of second of DWTS, but I am definitely going to tune in for this dance. Hands down my favorite episode of SBTB!