Watch: Justin Bieber Proudly Shows Off His, Ahem, Mustache In A Teaser For #BelieveMovie


Yesterday, I lamented aloud that Justin Bieber seems to have forsaken his attempt at growing facial hair for a new desire to bulk up muscularly. But, PITNB reader Melissa pointed me in the direction of a new video that was just released to promote the forthcoming release of a new movie titled, apparently, #BelieveMovie. As you can see in the video tease embedded above, JB was still sportin’ his sorry excuse for a mustache when he filmed the video and his #Stache is the central star of the clip. It’s all kinds of hilarious, as I’m sure you can imagine. Check out the video and LOL for yourselves. The #BelieveMovie is due out in theaters this Xmas … so we can look forward to the enduring legacy of the Bieber’stache for a little while longer.