Watch: Rihanna Gets A Traditional Maori Tattoo


OOOF! Everyone knows that popstar Rihanna is very fond of getting tattoos … so it should come as no surprise that she went and got a new tattoo on a recent visit to New Zealand. This time, tho, Ri Ri decided she wanted to get a tattoo done in the traditional Maori way … with a chisel and mallet. OY! I’m telling you, getting tattoos the usual modern way is painful enough … so I can only imagine what it must feel like to get tattooed the traditional way with a chisel and mallet. Click below to watch video of Rihanna getting inked and try not to cringe in pain with each mallet strike you hear.

Rihanna may have just had her most painful tattoo ever when she got herself a Maori tattoo on her right hand done at Moko Ink studio in West Auckland, New Zealand while on a tour stop. Done traditionally using a chisel and mallet to apply the ink pigment, the 25-year-old entertainer tried to smile off the obvious pain she was in as seen in a short video taken during the session and posted on YouTube. Wearing a gray hoodie, RiRi looked away as tattoo artist Inia Taylor with help from local musician Tiki Taane worked on the elaborate design that ran from the singer’s mid-forearm down to her red-manicured fingers. At one point, Rihanna wiped some of the blood away as she took a check on how the inking was moving along. After the session, Rihanna showed off the finished work by posing for a photo, placing her newly-tattooed hand over her face, at the same time bringing to mind the motto “no pain, no gain.” It is expected to hold some personal meaning to the singer, similar to the ones she previously got, as the tattoo studio also stated on its website that the custom art they do express “aspects that relate to the wearer.”

OOF. I can’t even. I have to give Rihanna props for choosing to get tattooed in this way. I have a feeling that this particular tattoo will be one that she won’t ever forget. Have any of y’all gotten tattoos in this way? I’m curious to know if it’s really as painful as it looks/sounds.


  • @ddienyc

    Looks like it hurts but she is a trooper. The one Angelina Jolie got on her back looked ten times more painful.

  • ella

    She’s such a rock star. I love it.