Kanye West Will Appear On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Tonight After That Twitter Spat They Got Into Last Month


So, remember when Kanye West gave that epic interview on BBC Radio 1 last month and Jimmy Kimmel spoofed him so well on his late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live that Kanye got pissed off enough to launch an attack on Kimmel on his official Twitter profile? Well, tonight Kanye and Kimmel will meet face to face on Late Night to handle their business … apparently. To be honest, when I first heard about the Twitter feud, it smelled to me like the whole thing was orchestrated for media attention. Now the two will appear together on Kimmel’s show? Seems suspicious to me.

Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel are ready to sit down face-to-face. The rapper and the late-night host have been embroiled in a feud since West hit Twitter last month, criticizing Kimmel in a series of tweets. Now, West is set to appear on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night. West had lashed out at Kimmel after the latter spoofed a recent interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, wherein West expressed his frustration with getting knocked down in the fashion world and declared himself the “biggest” rock star in the world. That interview became a talking point in an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Kimmel highlighted his “favorite” part of West’s interview, which he called “weird.” “Does Kanye West know he’s not supposed to be his own hype man?” Kimmel asked before showing a snippet of the chat featuring a rambling West. Kimmel then showed a spoof featuring two kids in the West and Lowe roles — milkshakes in hand — via “Kimmel Kid (re)Kreation.” Two days later, West decided to begin his rant, sparking a feud between the duo, with Kimmel assuring his followers that it was not a prank like his recent “twerking fail” video hoax. Kimmel addressed the situation that night on his Sept. 26 show. “Did anyone else get a very angry phone call from Kanye West about an hour and a half ago? Just me? OK. I didn’t know if he was mad at all of us,” Kimmel said in his opening monologue. After the commercial break, he revealed that West really had called him in his office earlier in the day. “He is very angry because of a bit we aired this week,” Kimmel explained to his audience. “He gave an interview to the BBC, and we had a kid actor take the words and re-enact it. We just had the kid say the stuff Kanye said. And apparently this upset him.” Kimmel said West gave him two choices, the first being to “apologize publicly.” “And that was really the only choice — the other choice he gave was ‘my life … your life is going to be much better if I apologize,’ and then he started tweeting today,” Kimmel said. “And I don’t even know if I’ve seen some of these because they’re happening as we speak.” He read some of West’s tweets on the air and responded to them. — “JIMMY KIMMEL PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES … OH NO THAT MEANS YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN TOO MUCH GOOD PUSSY IN YOUR LIFE…” Kimmel’s response: “I’ve seen the video. I know.” — “SHOULD I DO A SPOOF ABOUT YOUR FACE OR YOU FUCKING BEN AFFLECK…#NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK #ALLDISRESPECTTOJIMMYKIMMEL!!!!” Kimmel’s response: “Which, by the way, was a spoof. I don’t know if he thought that was the news.” Kimmel said he still isn’t sure why West is so angry given that the bit was “pretty innocuous.” “Finally, I’m in a rap feud,” he quipped. “I always wanted to be in a rap feud.” Jimmy Kimmel Live airs at 11:35 weeknights on ABC.

Yes, it’s entirely possible that Kanye decided to appear on Kimmel’s show to either tell him off, bury the hatchet and/or address the situation that angered him so greatly on national TV to put the whole matter behind him. On the other hand, it is entirely possible that we’ve been punk’d again by Kimmel and one of his elaborate hoaxes. Remember when we found out that that Twerking Girl on Fire viral video that got everyone talking was a fake video that was orchestrated by Kimmel for use on his show? It’s seems likely or at the very least feasible that the same thing is happening here. I guess we’ll have to tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight and find out …

… exactly according to plan?