British Boyband McFly Go On A Fun Camping Trip With ‘Attitude’ Magazine

Doug, Harry, Danny & Tom celebrate McFly's 10th anniversary

British boyband McFly are featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Attitude magazine in celebration of the band’s 10th anniversary … but judging by the looks of the photos included in the spread, it’s WE who should be celebrating. As you McFly fans should be WELL aware, the guys posed for Attitude back in 2010 and those photos — you may fondly recall — were much more nekkid than these photos (actually, the guys were completely nekkid for that shoot … which was GREATLY appreciated by Attitude‘s gay readership). This time around the McFly guys go camping … and cheeky shenanigans of various states of undress commence (I wonder what is going on in that last photo). Click thru the gallery presented here to see the new photos … then click below to be reminded of the last time the guys of McFly decided to pose for Attitude magazine.

Click HERE to see more photos from McFly‘s previous appearance in Attitude. I sincerely hope the guys decide to pose for the mag again sometime soon!

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  1. galaxy defender


  2. Galaxy Defender

    love McFly! They need to make it big here in the States! Great band great songs and just great guys

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