Whatcha Smokin’, Justin Bieber?


Oh, Justin Bieber … what are you up to now? A previously unseen photo of Bieber had made its way to the Internets that is causing a bit of a stir among his fans (and their parents). The undated photo appears to show JB holding what looks to be a blunt (ie. a rolled cigar with marijuana inside) as he is getting ready to light it. Next to him appears a young woman who looks an awful lot like singer Ariana Grande but the identity of the girl has not been confirmed. I mean. People, this isn’t shocking, is it? The kid is young, rich and has access to whatever his little heart desires … of course he’s going to be experimenting with stuff. Duh.

Justin Bieber may have been photographed smoking at a party again — only this time Biebs got snapped sitting next to a celeb he was reportedly banging. The photo has been all over social media today … showing Bieber sitting next to a girl that looks a helluva lot like Ariana Grande — and he appears to be holding a long joint. As you may recall, Bieber was photographed similarly back in January … when he was seen holding what looked like a joint at a Newport Beach party. Sources close to both singers say the girl in the photo is NOT Ariana Grande — and the pic was photoshopped to look like Bieber was lighting up. However our crack art department begs to differ — saying the light source seems consistent … and any indicators of a doctored photo are non-existent.

For me, the blunt isn’t the issue … what is more scandalous, I think, is the fact that JB may be hanging out socially (romantically?) with Ariana who is, I believe, supposed to be dating one of the dudes from The Wanted. ISN’T THIS JUICY DRAMA? Meh. Not really … but it’s deffo something to give the kiddies to talk about. I fully expect Ariana to start getting death threats from rabid Beliebers who dream of running off with Justin themselves and maybe The Biebs will get into a scuffle with the dudes from The Wanted … HMMMM. Something tells me, with his bodyguards watching over him, JB has nothing to worry about. What do you think? Does this young lady look like Ariana Grande to you? If so, do you approve of her dating Justin Bieber?

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  • Brenna

    No, I don’t think it is her.

  • Kristen

    Doesn’t look like her to me, either.

  • Emily Lange

    agreed! even with the bad angle her face isn’t that long or narrow.

  • Megan

    A celeb he was banging? EWWW. Can you even imagine having sex with Bieber? Haha. Poor girl.