Watch: Paris Hilton Releases A Music Video For ‘Good Time’


First we got a tease of Paris Hilton’s new music video for her new single Good Time, then we got to hear the song in full … today, we get to see the music video in FULL! The preview that we got to see last week gave us a PRETTY GOOD idea of how the whole video would look so there aren’t any real surprises here. If you can believe it, I think the video enhances the song a little … even the really bad rap portion by Lil’ Wayne. If you’ve ever wanted to attend one of Paris Hilton’s pool parties, then here is your chance. Check out the video above and see what you think.

  • Katy

    So many comments, so little time.

    1. Most narcissistic human being ever (and yes, that includes Yeezy and Kim)
    2. Simon Cowell didn’t murder music, Paris Hilton did.
    3. Paris, Miley, Pitbull, and Justin are the four horsemen of the musicalypse

    • @Katy — “Paris, Miley, Pitbull, and Justin are the four horsemen of the musicalypse”


  • Kate

    This video screams, “I am a plaything and nothing more!”

  • Madison

    not nearly as good as “Screwed” and “Stars are blind”
    I’ll never forget entertainment weekly’s review of her album which included something to the effect of, “God help us, we actually like it.”