The National Theater Releases Promo Images From ‘The Light Princess’


Back in June we got our first look at the poster artwork for the new musical production The Light Princess that features music and lyrics by the amazing Tori Amos. Since that time, the show has opened in previews at The National Theater in London and has entered into a new phase of promotion. Tori Amos sat down to talk with The New York Times about the show as a first batch of promo photos have been released online. Click thru the gallery to see official photos from the show then head over to the NYT site HERE to read their featured article on Tori about The Light Princess. I’m trying to stay away from spoilers until I can see the show for myself (which probably won’t be until next year). I understand a cast recording will be released soon so I’ll deffo be taking a listen when it becomes available but, yeah, it’s hard to remain unspoiled with all this great stuff coming out. If any of y’all in London are able to see the show, please let us know what you think of it. Tori Amos is a goddess. I can only imagine the magic she whipped up for her first musical stage production. Judging by these photos, she’s managed to craft a masterpiece.

  • Joe

    clearly completely out of the loop on this–thanks for the heads up, Trent :) photos look gorgeous & anything that might result in more Tori music is fine by me! i’ve never been to London, but if i were to score a great ticket I would make the trip in a NY heartbeat

  • theatreguy

    I saw it in London. The visuals are stunning. Sadly, the music is boring, a lot of it sounds the same, and the lyrics are sometimes not very good at all.

    • @theatreguy — Does the music sound like Tori Amos music or did she attempt something different?

    • theatreguy

      A lot of it sounds like TA music, but none of the songs really stand out. Very homogenous. The show also needs some editing back. Too much going on plotwise, characters getting a new spin at late moment, etc.

    • OG Emily

      Oh that makes me sad to hear!

    • @OG Emily — Take heart, I am encouraged by this review of ‘The Light Princess': “The songs by Tori Amos are a huge triumph, weaving you in and out of the story with rich and emotive melodies. The enchanting score often draws similarities with Stephen Schwartz’s Wicked, producing powerful songs for powerful singers. And on that note, Rosalie Craig performs every demanding number with an effortless poise, and certainly shone for the star she deserves to be. Amy Booth-Steel, as Piper, also shows her huge vocal talent, culminating in a show-stopping duet with King Darius in the second half.”

    • OG Emily

      Whhhhhheeeeeee! And … I’m back. Of course she can do no wrong. Thanks Trent!

  • Brent

    I went to see it twice while in London back in October. It wasn’t boring AT ALL, in my opinion. I loved every second of it. I really hope it makes a debut in the US so I can see it again! Here’s a link to 4 tracks from the cast recording:

  • OG Emily

    I still remember the night I met her, 1994 Under the Pink tour, we waited for hours in the drizzly rain, covered in crushed velvet and “fairie dust”, clutching our CDs and books … Then … SHE arrived. Old grey hoodie sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans and heels. Petite, beautiful and goddess. She gently made her way down the whole line of fans, and when we met she gave me a hug. I TOUCHED THE HAIR.