First Listen: The Music From The ‘Glee’ Tribute Episode For Cory Monteith Hits The Internets


Last week we got our first look at footage from the upcoming Glee tribute episode for the late Cory Monteith and today we get to hear, in full, all of the songs that will be sung in his honor on the show. Monteith, as you should be well aware, played Finn Hudson on Glee and this week’s episode features the cast of characters dealing with the aftermath of his death. The video embedded above features audio of the Glee cast performing the song Seasons of Love from the Broadway musical Rent. Click below to hear the 5 other songs that will be featured on this episode, titled The Quarterback, set to air this Thursday night.

I’ll Stand By You:

Fire & Rain:

If I Die Young:

No Surrender:

Make You Feel My Love:

  • Kendra

    Why? Why did I listen to these?? I’m such a crybabyface right now..So sad..

    • Jasmine Schleicher

      I’m in my university library trying to stay composed…

  • Nicole O’Brien

    I could imagine Naya’s voice on “If I Die Young” before I even listened to it. The opening gave me chills.

  • Mercy Mercy-Me
  • Bethany

    Oh my God…I honestly don’t know how I will make it through watching this episode.