One Direction Member Liam Payne Had His Underwear Stolen By A Fan


Boyband members with crazy fans have had to endure a lot over the years. Some have their hair ripped out of their heads, others are chased down streets or are forced to hide out when on vacation. Liam Payne, one of the members of One Direction, revealed to the world that he had some of his underwear stolen from him. It’s unknown if the undies were clean or … um, not … but they were snatched away without his knowledge. As a result, Liam was forced to go commando … which is why when his pajama pants sagged a bit in the front when he stepped out onto his hotel balcony, he showed off a tiny bit more than prolly meant to.

He recently reported losing a pair of boxers after fans broke into his hotel room. And it seems that One Direction’s Liam Payne may be running short of underwear as he revealed more than he may have intended in Sydney on Sunday. As the topless 20-year-old star admired the view from his hotel balcony on Jonah’s Whale Beach he almost gave his fans an extra thrill. His white jogging pants dropped dangerously low and it was evident that the singer was wearing no underwear. The singer seemed unconscious of the attention he most have been attracting as he relaxed in his hotel without a shirt and with his hair freshly styled with gel. However he did seem to notice that his joggers were slipping down past his hips and managed to save his modesty. Earlier that day a group of fans attempted to break into Liam Payne’s hotel room and stole his boxers causing commotion outside while the star was asleep. He wrote on Twitter: ‘Strangest way I’ve ever been woken up, When ur in bed butt naked an sum1 is trying to force open your balcony this is gunna be a strange day. So happy I woke up cuz that shit would have been so unfair (sic).’ Liam later revealed that while the fans hadn’t got into his room, they had managed to get their hands on some of his underwear. He wrote: ‘Hmmm somebody stole my boxers I’m so embarrassed. So how this happened… I went in the sea in those hotel staff put them outside to dry sum1 climbed on and stole them just to set the scene.’ Managing to laugh about the situation, Liam added: ‘#breakIntoSomeonesHouseAndStealThereUnderwearDay right I’m off to scarlett johansson’s house.’ It was later revealed that the fan had worn the pants for the afternoon after stealing them, before she was spotted by security, who told her that if she didn’t give them back, the police would be called. After handing back the pants, the sobbing 14-year-old said: ‘I feel terrible, I am so upset. My mum doesn’t know. I never mean to do anything bad, I’m so sorry.’

Um. Ok. It wasn’t that long ago that fans would toss their undergarments on stage at concerts … now that fans are stealing the underwear from the idols they worship, things have gotten a bit weird. And she wore them, too? Dang. I’m not sure how security knew that the culprit was wearing his underwear (unless she was doing so outside of her clothes) but at least we can be relieved that Liam got his undies back. Tho, if he would like to continue going commando whenever possible, I don’t think many people would mind, eh?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]