Watch: Miley Cyrus Performs ‘Wrecking Ball’ And ‘We Can’t Stop’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’


Miley Cyrus continues to make headlines for her public antics, the most recent of which includes a Twitter beef with Sinead O’Connor (who recently offered Miley probably the most important advice of her young career. But in this moment, we’ll let the music speak for itself. Miley hit up the Saturday Night Live stage last night and performed her two hit singles from BANGERZ, which drops later this week. Peep the video above to see her performance of Wrecking Ball (I think she sounds really good), and click inside for We Can’t Stop.

Miley Cyrus, We Can’t Stop:


BONUS: We Did Stop:

  • Kayla

    Whoa. I actually forgot that she has a pretty decent voice.

  • cutitout

    She was pretty damn good. That’s all that should matter. Anyways, @ Shannon, did you read Amanda Palmer’s “Open Letter” to Sinead? Its pretty interesting. Spot on, if I do say so my self. It kind of puts everything into perspective.

  • adam

    SNL, just generally, this week was SO much better than last week. I don’t really like Miley’s music; it has nothing to do with her antics. But she was a fairly good host. The Boehner/Bachmann “We Can’t Stop” parody was great. As was the line about Ted Cruz in Weekend Update.

  • Lauren xx

    Miley is always better unplugged. I hope she sticks with her singing in the long run, rather than the shock tactics.

  • Mela

    I wish this was her norm. Maybe people would have more to say about her talent than her kookah.

  • Devonte Antonio

    I, too, totally forgot she can actually sing.

  • nicole

    her perfomance reminded me why i became a fan of hers in the first place. i still believe that once she gets this era out of her system she’ll start doing music that actually shows off her voice.

  • Lori

    i honestly dont really think her voice is that great. its a singing voice, for sure. but the we cant stop song sounded extremely nasal. and crackly. shes not that good. in anything. meh. im so over these artists that are shoved in our faces that are mediocre.

    • Matthew

      Thank you Lori. I thought I was in the twilight zone for a while there until your comment at the end. I guess the music industry has gotten to the point where Miley Cyrus is considered a good singer. As someone who grew up listening to Whitney and Mariah, I just can’t agree with that.

      There are singers and there are entertainers. Miley falls squarely into the latter category. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • Paul

      “I guess the music industry has gotten to the point where Miley Cyrus is considered a good singer.”

      The music industry has favored image over content for singing for a long, long time especially when it comes to women. When is the last time we have seen an unattractive woman with a great voice kick butt in the pop music world? When the standard is to value beauty over music, then what you are going to get is the best of the pretty. With that as your baseline, Miley Cyrus is a good singer.