First Look: P!nk Releases A Music Video For ‘Walk Of Shame’


LMAO… I am cracking up over these lyrics right now. Please, God, don’t let anybody see me– LOL! The story of my life circa 2007! I love it. P!nk just released a tour video for her song Walk Of Shame (off the album The Truth About Love), and it’s my first time hearing this little gem. Clearly, I needed to cop that album like, months ago. Anywho, the song is only a single in Australia right now, but it’s pretty hilarious. Peep the video for more!


  • Iris B

    You haven’t bought this CD yet?!??! GASSSPPPP!

    • Shannon

      Iris B, LMAO! I KNEW you would come at me. I’m on it, I’m on it!

    • Iris B

      LOL. Sacrilegious, girl. I’m going to see her again in December, CANNOT WAIT!!

  • DJ

    I’m seeing her here in LA in about a week. Next to Madonna, she puts on the most amazing show. SO excited.

    And seriously, it’s been almost a year, how do you not have this album?!?!?!?!

  • schmee

    Pink beat up Bieber and took his saggy pants!

  • Missy


    • Missy

      Really? 99% of my comment got cut off?

      I love Walk of Shame. It’s one of my favorites (along with Slut Like You). Can’t wait to see her live next month.

  • taikwan

    Box seat tickets…next month!! Wish I knew every lyric to every song as my daughter has known for about a year.

  • rOXy

    I keep coming back to this. I love this video so much. She in on liquid fire. Amazing. She is so entertaining and look at her move? There aren’t many people out there who can move like she does. And then to sing like that? She is really stepping into her time. The past for her was just a warm up. I love love love love

    I was recently asked which celebrity I’d have for a best friend. I didn’t have an answer. But this video changed that.