Watch: Paris Hilton Delays The Release Of Her ‘Good Time’ Music Video


In early September, Paris Hilton announced that she would be releasing the single and music video for her new song Good Time on Monday October 1. Later in the month, she gave us a short tease of the video which was still on track for an Oct. 1 release. Late yesterday, Paris decided that A.) her single/video weren’t ready for release or B.) she didn’t want to compete with the release of Britney Spears’s EPIC music video for Work Bitch (which was released last night) and decided to push back the release of her single and video until next week. Now, the video for Good Time will be released on October 8, the same day that the single will be available for purchase on iTunes. To make up for the delay, Paris has released a longer teaser of her video, which you can watch in full above. Even tho it’s a short clip, I think this teaser gives us a GREAT idea of what the whole video/song will look/sound like. Please enjoy.

  • Jstar

    Wow! How did she come up with those lyrics…so complex and deep…

  • Carolina

    Can we please, pretty please put Paris Hilton on the same list that Kanye’s baby-mama is on? Please?

  • Sam

    Wow, one of the worst things I’ve heard in awhile…I’m starting to think ppl who make this type of music know it can only work in a setting with copious amounts of alcohol/drug paraphernalia