Disney Is Working On A Live-Action Film About Cruella de Vil


First we learned that Disney was working on a live-action film based on the Sleeping Beauty villain Maleficent (which stars Angelina Jolie) and today we learn that they are also working on a live-action film based on the 101 Dalmatians villain Cruella de Vil. As you may know, Cruella came to life on the big screen in both animated form (in 1961) and in live-action form (in 1996, portrayed brilliantly by Glenn Close) in two Disney movies titled 101 Dalmatians (plus a live-action sequel titled 102 Dalmatians in 2000). It seems like this new film will be focused more squarely on de Vil … but the premise of the film has yet to be announced. Will this be an origin story? Will this film paint Cruella in a sympathetic light? HMMM.

After making a movie centered on Maleficent, the villainess from Sleeping Beauty, Disney is setting its sights on another bad lady: Cruella de Vil. Aline Brosh McKenna has been hired to pen Cruella, which will bring the dog-fur-loving fashionista from 101 Dalmatians into a live-action feature to be produced by Andrew Gunn, who produced Sky High and Bedtime Stories for the studio. McKenna will also produce. De Vil first appeared in Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians but became a Disney icon with the 1961 animated movie. And it’s not the character’s first incarnation in a live-action feature. Glenn Close memorably played the character in 1996’s 101 Dalmatians and the 2000 sequel, 102 Dalmatians. In fact, Close is in involved with Cruella, acting as an executive producer. Sadly, the studio is keeping its latest take on the character locked in the dog pound. Cruella would be Disney’s latest live-action take on one of its classic animated films. In addition to Alice and Maleficent, Disney is making Cinderella, which just began principal photography with Kenneth Branagh in the director’s chair. McKenna already worked for Disney by penning the Cinderella script. The screenwriter, who may be best-known for adapting The Devil Wears Prada, also worked on Annie, which is now casting.

I am loving this entirely … even tho we don’t yet know exactly what the premise of this movie is, I am really excited by the idea of a movie all about Cruella de Vil. It’s about time the iconic Disney villains were brought front and center into the limelight. I hope they do for Cruella what they are trying to do for Maleficent … make her a misunderstood heroine. Glenn Close did such a great job with the role when she played de Vil in the two live-action Dalmatians movies, I hope they’re able to find someone just as good. This movie has the potential to be really great. I can’t wait to see what they do with her story. Doesn’t this sound so cool?


  • Ama

    I think this would be interesting.

    When I first saw this and saw “Cruella De Vil” I automatically thought 101 dalmatians. Which made me think “There’s already been a few live action movies on that” which made me realize that whenever I think of her, I think of 101 dalmatians. So it would be interesting to see her story, see the other side of her.

    When I wrote fanfiction, that’s what I focused on, writing/seeing different sides of the characters I like. Not just what is shown in the movie/book that they come from, but what I saw that wasn’t shown much in the movie/book-if that makes sense.

    So yeah, it would be interesting to see how that is played out with this character. What the story is.

  • Carolina

    I’m in love with this. I watched the animated 101 Dalmations non-stop for a good year when I was little. I love to be scared of Cruella de Vil… if she doesn’t get you, no evil thing will… Cruella, Cruella….

  • Joanna

    I am totally in love with this idea. I hope they get someone like Jane Lynch to play her. I would have said Glenn Close should reprise her role, but I think at this point she’s past her prime for the character. I would think they would want to show people how she became the way she is today and show as little of the dogs as possible. If done right this will be so good!

  • al

    Disney has really ran out of ideas…but I can’t say that this won’t be interesting…PLEASE DISNEY DO NOT HIRE JOHNNY DEPP

    • @al — Really? I disagree. If you see what was done with the character of the Wicked Witch of the West in the musical ‘Wicked’, you can see how a villainous character can find new life as a heroine. I think this has great potential, esp considering how fabulous a character Cruella de Vil is :)

    • Paul

      When they roll out a script that looks like they copied Wicked, except putting Cruella de Vil in the role of the Wicked Witch and the wife character of 101 Dalmatians in the role of the good witch, showing how they initially hated each other but grew to be best friends when they were roommates at school together, then see how you feel.