The Jonas Brothers Cover ‘Out’ Magazine


First Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers was showing off his hot bod on Instagram, then he was showing off his hot bod for Men’s Health magazine … today we learn that Nick and his brothers Kevin and Joe are featured in the new issue of Out magazine … and, if you can believe it, Nick is showing off his hot bod again. The Jonas Brothers are flexin’ on the cover Out and in the pages of the mag, they open up about their new album, rumors that one or all of them are gay and offer their $0.02 on the subject of twerking (but don’t let that deter you from reading on). Click below to see the Jo Bros on the cover of Out, read some excerpts from their interview and check out a very entertaining behind the scenes video from their magazine photoshoot.

On the release of “First Time,” the band’s first single and video since 2009

Joe Jonas: We had planned a big, elaborate video, but the song leaked, so we had to think of a way to make a video in a short span of time. Nick was on his way to host the Miss USA pageant in Vegas, so we figured, let’s shoot a video in Vegas and fly in all of our friends. We spent the money we had for the video to throw a party and film it. People assume that we’re still these young kids. It shows us all as adults having a good time and enjoying ourselves.

On those gay rumors

Joe: We have a lot of gay friends and gay fans. It’s a boy band stereotype; people assume, but we don’t take offense.
Nick: Prior to us being a band, I was a super theater geek. I loved theater and I still do, and I care about fashion, and I care about a lot of things that I feel like stereotypes are attached to.
Joe: [Being in Out] is a moment for us for sure. We keep saying, “Well, it’s about time.”

On maturing

Nick: Something we’ve been more comfortable with this go-round, rather than three or four years ago, is being more opinionated.
Joe: You get to this point where you can’t live your life trying to satisfy everybody, personally or as a musician. Somebody’s going to find something negative. So we were like, Let’s just be who we are and have opinions — whether it’s on politics or music — and really show who we are as people.
Kevin: With being able to take back masters of our songs and become our own bosses in a way, we have a lot of people hearing new stuff, and maybe they have had misconceptions in the past of who we are as a band. At the end of the day, I think people are surprised to know that we’re a rock band at our core. Things have started to shift where people are starting to feel the passion behind the art that we’re doing.

On Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance

Joe: [Hesitates] It wasn’t my favorite performance of hers. I think that there’s one way of saying you’ve grown up, and there’s another way — I think that’s her way. Look, people are talking about it, so I think it’s working for what she wants.
Nick Jonas: She’s smart. She’s very smart. We’ve always known that about her. She’ll always be successful. [The performance] was funny — I was laughing.

Here is video of the Jo Bros that was shot behind the scenes of their Out photoshoot:

You can read the full online version of their appearance in Out HERE. I guess it was only a matter of time that the Jonas Brothers would get back together and make music again. They were so young when they “broke up” (or went on hiatus, however you want to look at it) that they have plenty of time to reform and make music together again. Honestly, these guys don’t make music that I particularly care for but I have always been impressed with their musical talent and abilities. Now that they’re all grown up and stuff, well, I can better appreciate their appeal (especially when Nick seems so intent on showing off that appeal at every opportunity … not that I’m complaining). I think it’s smart of the Jonas Brothers to appear on the cover of Out magazine because they do have a huge gay fanbase and those fans deserve to be paid attention to. Tho, honestly, I don’t think this will do much to quell those gay rumors, no matter what they have to say on the matter. It sounds like they really don’t care what people say anyways so, I guess it really doesn’t matter. This looks like a great magazine feature. Well done, Joe Bros.


  • Devonte Antonio

    I haven’t been a fan of their music either but man…they are really good looking. I’d take them all. Nick, first, of course.

  • Nathan

    This is one of the first times that I’ve thought Joe was the hottest of the three.

  • Kristen

    Could their eyes be any more squinty in the pic of all 3 of them??

    • Devonte Antonio

      LOL I totally didn’t notice before. They are totally squinty. “Ok, guys, do a sexy face and squint”

  • Megan

    Poor Kevin hidden behind the other two :P

  • OG Emily

    I don’t know their names and I need clarification, so bear with me here … The one with the shortest hair is FINE. Which one is he? Is he the one who the rumors are about?

  • MJ

    I’ve never been a fan of the JoBros… however, reading Joe’s thoughts on the gay rumors is pretty awesome. It’s nice to see a young guy not be completely offended about it. :)

  • Lisa

    Can we take a moment to recognize Kevin’s awful hair do??? The other two always look great to me, but Kevin is awkward.