‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Releases A Bold New Promo Poster


Last week we learned which artists will be featured on the forthcoming motion picture soundtrack to the upcoming sequel film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Today we get to feast our eyes on bold new poster artwork that has just been released for for the film. As you can see below, this new poster features the fiery film protagonist Katniss Everdeen (played by actress Jennifer Lawrence) taking aim with her trademark bow and arrow. Of the promo materials released thus far of Katniss, I think this is my new fave. Check out the poster and see what you think.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has released a new poster ahead of the sequel’s November release. Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen is front and center of the image, taking aim with her bow and arrow in front of a burning Mockingjay symbol … The Catching Fire soundtrack was announced last week, featuring new songs from Coldplay, The National, Christina Aguilera, Ellie Goulding and Patti Smith. Catching Fire, based on Suzanne Collins’s best-selling novel, will follow The Hunger Games’ winning tributes Katniss and Peeta as they are forced to follow up their victory in the last film with a Victor’s Tour around all 12 districts before re-entering the arena. Box office analysts are already predicting that the sequel will gross close to $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales and produce nearly $400 million profit for studio Lionsgate. Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland will all return for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The movie will hold its world premiere on November 11 in the UK before debuting in cinemas worldwide on November 22.

We’re just about two months away from the release of Catching Fire in theaters but I am REALLY ready for the movie to come out. It’s been a while now since I’ve read the book so I need to have my memory refreshed on the action that will take place in the film. All of this bold red color used in both this poster and the cover art for the soundtrack does a good job of setting the tone of the film, I think. I’m really looking forward to the release of this movie, aren’t you?


  • ClaireMichelle

    I am in love with this!! The tagline is perfect, too!! I just really cannot to see this movie! I’m very, VERY excited!

  • Kate

    Finally, an exciting poster! Can’t wait until the 22nd. Trent, are you purchasing advanced tickets tomorrow? Can’t decide which LA theatre will be best!

    • @Kate — Probably not advanced tickets as I’m hoping to attend an early screening. If not, I’ll try to see the movie at an early 9pm or midnight showing on opening day … ack, so exciting!

    • Kate

      An early screening is much better! I’d choose that too! Last year I did the Imax theatre in Burbank but I’d rather not venture out to the valley now that I live in WeHo and also have something this year with reserved seating : /

  • KatieFeldmom

    I just got my tickets for the Thursday showing of Hunger Games followed by Catching Fire. And I’m halfway through a reread of the trilogy right now! November 21st can’t come soon enough for me!!!

  • Joy

    Have you heard about the Catching Fire poster and how some bashers are calling it unoriginal since it looked like a poster from another movie (King Arthur)? I blogged about it here http://www.theslambookproject.com/the-hunger-games-catching-fire-poster-supposedly-not-original/