Jack Osbourne Takes The Family To Disneyland


At the start of the month we learned the very tragic news that Jack Osbourne and wife Lisa Stelly suffered a miscarriage which, very obviously, was a terrible blow to the family. Coupled with Jack’s revelation last year that he has contracted multiple sclerosis, it’s clear that the young family has had to endure a lot of heartache. BUT, Jack and Lisa are NOT letting any of this get in the way of their happy life. Jack is currently competing on the new season of Dancing with the Stars (and he’s doing well, I understand) and this week the family made their way down to Anaheim, CA to spend some time at the Happiest Place on EarthDisneyland! Click below to see the happy family lookin’ cute as heck.

It’s really remarkable how well Jack and Lisa have endured the hardships they’ve suffered in their young lives. But, let’s not forget … it hasn’t been all bad news for the Osbournes. The couple have a healthy and adorable daughter named Pearl and the couple got themselves hitched last October. They have lots to be happy about. It’s great to see them looking so well. A trip to Disneyland is the perfect way to forget your worries and enjoy life. Here’s hoping Jack, Lisa and Pearl have many, many happy days ahead.

[Photo credit: Getty; Source]

  • Lauren xx

    I love them, and Lisa is awesome. I’m not a mom, but her mommy blog is such an entertaining read.

  • Sarah

    Be careful with your language regarding MS. You cannot contract it as you wrote but rather develop it. All the factors surrounding a person’s likelihood of having the disease are certainly debatable, however it is not a “disease you pick up” like a cold.

    • @Sarah — Thanks, I’ll amend.