The First Stills Of Demi Lovato’s Appearance On ‘Glee’ Have Been Released


Late last month we got our first look at singer/actress Demi Lovato on the set of Glee in her new role as Dani, love interest for Naya Rivera’s Santana character, when Naya shared a photo on her Instagram account. Today we get to see proper stills from Demi’s first episode of Glee. As you can see below, Demi and Naya make a really cute couple based just on these first stills. Click below to see Dani and SantanaDantana, if you will — lookin’ all googly-eyed at one another and hear the couple sing their first duet on the show.

Now, I haven’t watched Glee in ages but as I understand it, Santana and Dani both work at a diner where the staff performs for the patrons (hence the drum major-esque outfits) … which sounds perfect on a show like Glee. Here is audio of Naya Rivera and Demi Lovato dueting on the Beatles song Here Comes the Sun:

This Beatles cover, as you know, is featured in the 2-part season 5 premiere episode of Glee which debuts this Thursday September 26 on Fox. Altho Glee lost me years ago, I think I’ll tune in to see how Dantana get along together on screen :)


  • Vicky

    Demi is so beautiful. I love her on X Factor, she really gives it to Simon sometimes.

  • Krissy

    They both look so good in red!

  • MJ

    Oh my. All sorts of fun feels for me….yep, still a big ol’ lez! Hooray! Praise the Grilled Cheesus that Demi is legal, because daaaang. But oy, now I’ma have to watch Glee again…

  • nicole

    the skirts..and the…