Loy & Ryan Got Hitched!


Congratulations are in order for my DEAR friends Loy and Ryan because last night in front of family, friends and loved ones here in LA, they got married! I’ve been friends with Loy and Ryan for years and I’m telling you, you’ll never meet a more compatible, more perfect couple than these two. They are both the sweetest guys ever, willing to do anything humanly possible for any friend in need. It was an honor to be in attendance at their wedding last night. Lyan, as they are affectionately called by their friends, have surrounded themselves with the most amazing collection of friends and it was among that group of people that they pledged their lives to one another. I was touched for many reasons but being able to bear witness to their happy union was a special event that I’ll remember always.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful … perfect … it was so Lyan! Darion officiated the ceremony and he did an absolutely killer job. Darion got just as much love from everyone last night as the grooms did :) It really was an amazingly special ceremony.

I got to share the night with so many good friends … Sebastian, Janai (Darion’s mom), Courtney, Tara, Jeremy, Bradford, Chris and on and on and on. All of West Hollywood was in attendance last night to watch Loy and Ryan get hitched, I’m not even kidding. I hope you’ll join me in sending out ALL OF OUR LOVE and CONGRATS to the happy couple as they begin their new life together as Husband and Husband. I know these two will absolutely live Happily Ever After <3

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  • ValleyBoy

    You got something flying out I your nose…. Envy maybe?

    It must suck really bad to see all of your DEAREST friends getting married when you flaunted in everyone’s faces your ”happiness’ and big tacky ring not so long ago.

    Didn’t you left your previous boyfriend for the fiancé that left you? I bet this guy is super happy now. You may just keep on catching bouquets for the rest of your life sweety. Unless you fake this one more time …

    • Sandy!

      Woah, we do NOT pull this type of ish on here. I’m not sure what you have against Trent and I don’t care. This is his site. He sounded nothing but happy for his friends. If you want to be a hater, Perez Hilton is that way —–>
      Bitter is not cute.

    • Hahaha! Honestly, all I can do is laugh at a comment like this. This person is a known troll who changes his name and attempts to mask his ip address but has spent a lot of time trying to get attention by saying silly things like this. I can’t help but laugh because I know (we all know) that it must really be sad for someone to try and get a rise out of anyone by throwing around such negativity. I know that’s a life that I never want to live :)

  • Carolina

    It takes a lot of anger for someone to send so much hate towards someone the way you are doing right now. We all make choices that include mistakes, what matters is how we learn from them and move on with life, and Trent obviously has decided to stay positive and learn from his experiences. You sir, have not. Stay far, far away.

  • dee

    Whoa, ValleyBoy, cool your jets! What the hell? The only thing that flew out of him was love and well wishes out of his fingertips as he typed this post! As stated above, stay far, far away. Maybe you should go to that other gossip blog (starts with a P) where they appreciate snide remarks and rude comments. Glad you had a good night with great friends, Trent. There is nothing like sharing moments like these with the people you love!

  • ValleyBoy

    Don’t take things the wrong way I love this site and think it is very entertaining I just do not think it is honest and genuine that’s all.

  • manuel nava

    Hey! None of that ish here Valleyboy! Dont mess with our Trent. Go troll sonewhere else. This post is about love and happiness so love and happiness we shall have! Geez! Congrats to the newly married couple!!

  • OG Emily

    ValleyBoy is a troll – don’t even respond, that’s what he wants. His jealousy can’t ruin our awesome PITNB community.

    Let’s talk about the amazingness here – A celebration of love, friendship and the hotness that is Darion. Plus Trent’s snazzy haircut and killer suit. And everyone’s HUGE smiles. And Darion. That’s really what matters here.

    • rOXy

      “Let’s talk about the amazingness here – A celebration of love, friendship and the hotness that is Darion. Plus Trent’s snazzy haircut and killer suit. And everyone’s HUGE smiles. And Darion. That’s really what matters here.”


  • Whitney75

    Congrats, what an awesome looking couple. And can I just say and no disrespect I have always thought Darion and Trent would make a beautiful couple. For years I have saw that and again no dis respect to significant others. Warm wishes to the happy couple :)

  • Hampton

    No one mentioned how smart Trent looked. Loved his shirt and how often do we see him in a jacket.

  • Zanne

    Congrats to the happy couple! You looked great, Trent, and as always, Darion’s gorgeous eyes sent my ovaries into overdrive! ;)

  • gresu

    LOOOOVE the jacket/shirt!!!

  • Kl

    This is a post that oozes love. Trent, you look terrific. As do your friends.

  • taikwan

    cool shirt, Trent. I wish for you the happiness you are sharing with your friend. Sometimes I think you’re just too dang nice.

  • Joshua Crotto

    Looks like it was a very large wedding! So happy for the married couple and all their friends & family that got to share in their happy day. =)

  • Dezden

    Congratulations to them!!! You look dashing, Trent!

  • rOXy

    Many warm wishes and congratulations to the blissfully wedded couple! These pictures are incredible. That first one? With the wedding party on the stairs and Darion with his eye matching tie? Looks positively magical! Every single person in that picture is gorgeous. You can see the love beaming on every face. The picture of you and Darion with the glittering city light backdrop? Love! You have such a wonderful life. Thank you allowing us to vicariously experience such fabulousness. *heart*

    • @rOXy — XOXOXOXOXO

  • Sabrina

    Trent, LOVE your outfit!

    • @Sabrina — Thank you.

  • Sylvain Proulx

    `No hate` zone here, that is why I have been reading this blog for years!!! not the one who’s name I won’t mention.