‘I Think I Used The Words ‘Bleach-Blonde Tramp’ Or Something’ And Other Awesome In PITNB Comments This Week


Whew, what a week! Between all the Britney Spears news, more fabulous fashion than I could handle, and the fact that my own personal Bump Watch is sloooowly but surely winding down, it’s been intense! We had a lot of fun stories over the last few days, a lot of hilarious comments to go with, and one insane, over-the-top, shocking, mind-blowing confession from our beloved Trent. Click inside for just a few awesome comments on this week’s biggest stories!

Trent started the most hilarious thread EVER when he commented on the story about Miley Cyrus fans attacking New Zealand pop star Lorde on Twitter. Trent, we are all waiting to see this epic, anti-Madonna letter… like, now. Please:

… I can only imagine what the stan wars would’ve been like back in the early 90′s between Paula Abdul, Madonna and Janet Jackson fans if we had social media (I was STAUNCHLY AND 1000% TEAM PAULA, BTW NOT THAT IT MATTERS RIGHT NOW). Tho, I must confess I wrote to the Detroit Free Press about my love for Paula and my disdain for Madonna (at the time, hey, she was “the enemy” and I was young and stupid) and they published my comments (I think I used the words “bleach-blonde tramp” or something … ugh). I mean, I get it … I get why kids do/say what they do/say on social media cuz I would’ve done the same … but as nicole says, I’m glad the possibility for this kind of behavior didn’t exist when I was younger.

I’m also glad that the OVERWHELMINGLY HUGE MAJORITY OF EMBARRASSING photos of me will never make it to the Internets and, therefore, will not live forever.

PITNBr Sam knows exactly what the Miley/Liam break-up is leading up to:

…and now we enter the “dating black rappers” phase of Miley Cyrus’ life! Any bets?!

PITNBr Redvispa had me cracking up over this one. Apparently, pregnant ladies loooooove them some Grey’s Anatomy:

OMG!! I just had a baby in March and I spent the entire second half of my pregnancy watching greys anatomy! I went through the whole 9 seasons in less than 9 months! I couldn’t stop! I had never watched an episode until this. It was insane! And season 9 was the best!

PITNBr BGLU Tia also commented on our Grey’s Anatomy Hot People Of The Week post:

O.M. Freakin’ G!!!!!! This is my SHOW. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Scott Foley. Jesse Williams. Kevin McKidd (I LOVE gingers!!) Jason George. Eric Dane. Patrick Dempsey. I swear it is a never ending list.

If Seattle Grace were an actual hospital I would be trying to catch the swine flu, amoebic dysentery, and some sort of a staphylococcus just so I could be treated there. And I would shamelessly try to touch Derek Shepherd’s hair. It’s freakin’ luxurious.

PITNBr Ama’s reaction to Beyoncé‘s new Tumblr photos of her vacation in Brazil was priceless. I feel your pain, Ama:

I’m vacationing in Nebraska….so yeah. I lose.

Those are great pictures though :)

PITNBr Paul makes a great point about the record online views Miley Cyrus got for Wrecking Ball:

Miley has set the bar a little higher (so to speak) by getting naked and grinding on a giant wrecking ball and chain. Are there larger phallic-shaped devices to be had? If so, you can expect today’s pop stars will be simulating sex with them in their videos next, and we can thank Miley Cyrus and her 100 million views for encouraging them to do it. I could see Lady Ga-Ga grinding on the torch of the Statue of Liberty or maybe One World Trade Center in our future. The days of Tawny Kitaen grinding on the hood of a car for Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” video seem so old-fashioned and quaint now.

PITNBr rOXy joined the many of you who commented/lost your shizz over the new Britney Spears single:

It just works, Bitch!

Y’all. Kerry Washington is up for her first Emmy Award tonight and I am about to fill up my glorious new baby changing table with hella diapers and wipes. (Sidenote: Virtual Baby Shower le deux coming soon!) So you already know– nobody call meeee!

  • rOXy

    Trent totally owned that comment thread. But he always does when he puts his two cents in.


  • BGLU Tia

    PITNBaby is gonna be a girl. And I’m already jealous of how pretty she’s gonna be.

  • Lauren xx

    Can the next Throwback Thursday be a re-publishing of Trent’s letter? Pretty please??

    • Dezden

      That’s awesome. Yes, who can get the newspaper archives? Hilarious.