Zac Efron Successfully Completed A Stint In Rehab


Late this afternoon it was quietly reported and confirmed that actor Zac Efron successfully completed a stint in rehab … about 5 months ago … even tho no one knew that he went to rehab in the first place. One the story got out today, it got picked up all over the place and is making the rounds now. TMZ has sources that claim Efron went to rehab to deal with a “serious cocaine problem” tho nothing about that has officially been confirmed. All we know for sure is that Efron’s people have confirmed the stint in rehab that was successfully completed 5 months ago. Wow.

Zac Efron did NOT go to rehab for alcohol abuse — it was far more serious, because multiple sources tell TMZ he had a serious cocaine addiction. Zac completed his stint in rehab earlier this year. We’re told the problem spiraled out of control during the filming of Seth Rogen’s movie “Neighbors,” which was shot during a narrow time frame beginning in April. Sources tell us Zac — who also starred in the movie — was a no-show on a number of days. As one source connected with the film tells us, “It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine.” Three other sources confirm … Zac’s problem was rooted in cocaine, but say he also dabbled in Molly — a pure form of Ecstasy, and a popular drug in clubs and raves. We’re told … early this year, Zac and some friends went on a coke rager in a room at the SkyLofts at the MGM Grand in Vegas … and caused around $50k in damage. No word on who took care of the bill. We contacted Zac’s rep … but she didn’t respond.

Whoa, this is really surprising. Unfortunately the surprise doesn’t come from news about Efron’s stint in rehab nor from the claim that he sought treatment for cocaine addiction … what is really surprising is that this news was kept secret for so long. I’m assuming that Zac’s rehab stint was at least 30 days long … so that means he managed to sneak off to rehab about 4 months ago and then successfully complete his treatment around 3 months ago and no one was any the wiser … until now. It’s unclear why this information is coming to light now but, dang. I like Zac so it bums me out to think of the guy caught in the grip of cocaine addiction. From what I understand, he’s been doing well since he got out of rehab and has managed to stay clean … which is GREAT news. I guess even some of the folks that appear to have their act together actually have their own demons to deal with. Here’s hoping Zac can stay clean and healthy.

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  • helen

    Big bummer this one!!

    Seriously celebrities, can any of you stay away from becoming an alcohol/drug addiction cliche?? is it really THAT hard??!!

  • Alecia

    I don’t know what it’s like to be that successful that young and from what I saw he did well but obviously he was struggling more than we knew.
    But to me it’s become quite clear that the worse gateway drug might be fame itself.

  • rayoflightCOADF

    Aaww this is so sad. How on earth did this keep quiet for months and months? Poor guy. I keep thinking about this interview he did years ago where he talked about Leo Dicaprio giving him advice on how to screw up your career DO DRUGS. UGH this makes me sad. Poor Zac :(

  • Kelly

    Lol to “Zac Efron did NOT go to rehab for alcohol abuse — it was far more serious, because multiple sources tell TMZ he had a serious cocaine addiction.” Addiction is addiction! And ANY addiction to a substance is serious.

    Good for him for getting the help he needed. Hopefully he stays on the right track!

  • Krissy

    I am happy for him that he was able to go and get help. That is a big step that many don’t make.

    I think it is pretty awful of E! and TMZ to blast out these details, though. It is medical information, and should be kept private. If he wanted the public to know, he would have told them.