Listen: Britney Spears’s ‘Work Bitch’ Gets Mashed Up With RuPaul’s ‘Supermodel (You Better Work)’


Even before Britney Spears’s stunning new single Work Bitch was released, before anyone even heard it, it was rumored that the song might contain a sample of RuPaul’s classic 1992 single Supermodel (You Better Work). When the song was finally leaked then released, we all learned that that rumor turned out to be false. But an industrious fan decided to mashup the two songs into something I like to call Supermodel (You Better Work Bitch)! Click below to hear Britney’s Work Bitch remixed and mashedup up with RuPaul’s Supermodel (You Better Work) and hear how perfectly the songs go together. You will also find below a couple of NEW promo photos of our dear Britney that have been released in support of her upcoming Las Vegas concert residency called Britney: Piece of Me which was formally announced earlier today.

This is brilliant. Altho it’s an unofficial mashup, I have to say … I’d love for an official remix of these two songs to be released. The songs really do work well together, don’t they?

Now, check out these new promo photos of our dear Britney:

I suspect that these photos or others like them will be used for merchandise or advertisements as Britney’s Vegas residency draws near. It’s also possible that one or both of these photos were taken to promote the release of her as-yet untitled new album, due out in December. I can’t wait to see MORE!!! As a Britney fan, I’m just super excited about everything that is happening right now. Ahhh, it’s all just too much fun!


  • Paul

    residency is called Britney: Piece of Me.

    • @Paul — Whoops, thanks!

  • nicole

    i love the nude/light pink colours on her. she definitely seems to have a little spark back.

  • Kendra

    Pay attention Miley..THIS is how you do sexy! And look! No tongue in sight! Bow down!

  • marcus_em

    Since they announced this as her first single off this new album I have anticipated/expected some form of collaboration with Ru… I mean at the very least I want her in like a Pimp chair mouthing WORK for a split second in the video lol she doesnt need to take up spot light butttt I mean You Betta Work is signature Ru Paul, If you say “you betta work” 90% of people old and young would say ooo thats rupaul! lol Plus I think it would be a fun kitchy thing to add an extra element to the buzz surrounding the song :-)

  • Gillian

    She looks AMAZING in these pictures! Her hair and make up is fab! I love how you can see a glimmer of the old Brit in her eyes. I really hope her make up artist and stylist keeps up the good work!

    • Donny

      @Gillian – they already had a major fail. Her hair and makeup at the GMA appearance were awful. The promo pics are nice but a little bland.

  • Emily Lange

    wow the fact that it can be so quickly mashed up… idk make it seem even more like a unoriginal song