Liam Hemsworth Seeks Solace With His Mother In The Wake Of His Breakup With Miley Cyrus


Yesterday we learned the sad but not entirely surprising news that Miley Cyrus and fiancée Liam Hemsworth called off their engagement and ended their relationship. Just hours after the news was officially confirmed, Liam was spotted in the company of his mother Leonie who flew to LA from Australia to lend a supportive shoulder for her son in the wake of his breakup. Mother and son were spotted as they made their way out of the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, CA last night … presumably after they spent some time taking solace with one another inside the famed hotel. As expected, rumors are flying that it was Miley’s controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last month that was the final nail in the coffin of the young couple’s relationship so … even tho news of the split was officially announced yesterday, it’s likely the couple have been broken up for some time now :(

He’s had a difficult [time] after finally confirming that his relationship with Miley Cyrus is over. So Liam Hemsworth decided to seek comfort from the woman who knows him best, his mother, on Monday night. The 23-year-old actor and his mom Leonie were seen leaving the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles after apparently having dinner. Wearing a white T-shirt and blue baseball cap, Liam kept his head down as the pair headed home from their evening out. However, the strain of the past few weeks were clear to see on Liam’s face, with the actor looking tired and stony-faced as he was pictured at the wheel. Their outing comes as it was claimed that Liam had been left ‘mortified’ by Miley’s now infamous performance at the MTV VMA awards earlier this year. The 20-year-old singer bumped and ground up against Robin Thicke while wearing nude latex underwear, in what was deemed a wholly inappropriate performance … ‘Miley and Liam were already pretty much broken up at that point, but when he saw her performance and the backlash it created, it was the nail in the coffin. That was all he needed to finally break up with Miley once and for all. He was embarrassed, disgusted and mortified by her performance’ [said a source]. On Monday, representatives for Miley and Liam confirmed that the pair have ended their engagement and their romance, after having dated for two years.

Aww … you know a guy’s in pain when he needs comfort from his mother. Dude, breakups do suck really bad … I feel bad for both Liam and Miley. Whatever the cause of the split (and let’s be real, breakups are never abut just one thing or just one person), I hope that both Miley and Liam are able to move forward from this breakup and find happiness again. Clearly the pair aren’t ready to get married right now … but I have no doubt that they will each be ready at some point. Let’s wish them both the best of luck for quick healing and eventual resolution for each of them.

[Photo credit: Pacific Coast News; Source]

  • OG Emily

    There have been many rumors swirling about Liam’s family’s dislike of Miley. Apparently started years ago with her first visit to his fam in Australia, she didn’t play nice with them. There have been reports since about the brothers staging an “intervention” about dating her. While surely not all reports are true, there are enough to raise your eyebrows. That said, I’m sure the Helmsworth clan are breathing a sigh of relief. I’m sure momma doesn’t want to see her son heartbroken, but I suggest a pink bubble thought cloud above momma Helmsworth’s head saying, “Whew!”

  • Ariel Echeverria

    he cheated on her repeatedly and she is the bad guy pleasseee!! the vmas the cause pleasee!! she dumped his ass and he is devastated, cause he never thought it would happened.

  • Cee

    I love how we all think that we have inside information on exactly what happened between Miley and Liam. But it seems obvious they’re better without each other and the toxicity that circulates their relationship.

  • Kendra

    I’m going through a crappy breakup..Called my Mumsies, who is on a month long vacation in Hawaii, and she interrupted me mid-cry to say it was raining..Maybe I should call Liam’s mom for comfort instead.. :(

  • Lauren xx

    Rumors of his wandering eye and/or infidelity have been swirling since before all the madness with We Can’t Stop. I don’t buy the VMAs being his last straw. What makes sense to me is that Miley is acting out because her parents’ marriage is having issues and her relationship wasn’t fairing much better. I think Liam is using the VMAs as a skapegoat and that really isn’t fair to Miley.

    Either way, breakups suck. I can’t imagine being heartbroken with the entire world watching my every move.