First Look: NBC Releases Poster Artwork For ‘The Sound Of Music Live!’


Erm … back in December of last year we first learned that Country popstar Carrie Underwood would be starring in a new version of The Sound of Music. In April, it was clarified that this new version of The Sound of Music would NOT be a remake … it will be a live production of the story and music from the famed musical. Today … we get our first look at the just-released poster artwork for the production and, well, you kinda have to see it for yourself to believe it. Take a look below, won’t you?

The braids are pinned on top of her head, and she’s wearing a dirndl – yep, Carrie Underwood certainly looks the part in the newly released poster for The Sound of Music. The Grammy winner plays Maria, the role made famous by Julie Andrews, in NBC’s live production of the beloved musical. She’s starring opposite True Blood’s Stephen Moyer, who’ll be playing Captain von Trapp, the widower who falls for Maria when she becomes the governess to his seven kids. The new three-hour production is based on the Rogers & Hammerstein musical that ran on Broadway before being adapted for the 1965 hit film starring Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

Uh, yeah … hahaha. I don’t mean to laugh but c’mon, doesn’t this poster look silly? I guess it’s to be expected, any new production of The Sound of Music has to refer back to the source material so it really should come as no surprise that Carrie looks like the Swiss Miss. While I love musical theater, I’ve never been a big fan of The Sound of Music. Too many Nazis, for my liking. But Carrie Underwood is an amazing singer and I think she will do an excellent job as Maria. I am also really excited by the prospect of Stephen Moyer in the role of Captain von Trapp mainly because I had no idea he could sing. This production of The Sound of Music Live! will either be a huge holiday family hit or a massive bomb. I think I’ll be entertained either way so … bring it on. What do YOU think of this first look at Carrie as Maria. Are you impressed? Does this production look interesting to you or … not?


  • Krissy

    When they say it is a “live” production, does that mean they are going to perform on a traditional stage with a proscenium in front of an audience? Or a soundstage with cameras that can move around on a 360 degree set and no audience other than those watching on tv?

    IMO, performances on a stage to a live audience don’t always translate well on TV.

  • rachel

    i had to take a minute to decide if i’m against this whole production because it makes me feel old to see a “classic” film i grew up watching being remade. but, no, i’m against this production because its a HORRIBLE idea! the SOM is a nearly perfect film that is still entertaining for people who were born decades after the original was made. thank you for the space to rant; now i’m going to rub some bengay on my aching back and soak my dentures!

  • Paul

    The old Broadway version of the musical has the part of Maria written for Mary Martin, who was a low alto, where some of the numbers are expressly to show off her low range. The problem many high school or community theater productions find is that lead has not been rewritten for Julie Andrews’ soprano, as the movie version was. As an alto herself, Carrie Underwood should find the music pitch much to her liking. However, someone may want to point out to her that the original Maria von Trapp was a former nun, and would not be caught dead wearing as much makeup as Carrie has on in that poster.

    • Lymis

      Or anywhere near that much hair, even as someone who hadn’t taken final vows.

    • Jay

      Alto is a choral part, not a voice type. Mary Martin was a classically trained mezzo soprano or contralto, depending on whom you ask. She had a nice blend due to her classical range, and she could extend both very low and very high, so it’s hard to say.

      Carrie is a mezzo soprano with a pop/country belt.

  • Amanda

    i just can’t. it isn’t ‘the sound of music’ without julie andrews!!

  • Meghan

    Oh my. This is going to be a mess! What do they mean by “live”? Will it be set on stage or will we be watching it in realtime as they did in the old days?

  • Joel V

    I’m watching for sure, but that poster…really?

  • kjc

    what a joke!!! I am embarrassed for anyone who thinks this a good idea…cheezy, gross, dumb and on and on and on