I Just Started Watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ And The Entire Cast Is Hot

Meet This Week's Hot-People-Who-I-Didn't-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently!

A little while back I mentioned that, although I’m about 8 years late, I am officially on the Grey’s Anatomy bandwagon, and it is extremely time-consuming. Y’all. I’m 37 weeks pregnant, I have a new apartment to get in order, and my oldest son just started Kindergarten– I have no business watching episode after episode of this show on Netflix! LMAO… but I can’t stawwwp! Friggen McDreamy. Friggen McSteamy. Friggen Isaiah Washington. Friggen Sandra Oh. Friggen the guy who looks just like Javier Bardem, but is really Jeffrey Dean Morgan AKA Denny (I know, I’m takin’ y’all back to 2006). I cannot deal with all this hotness! So I’ve collected hella photos so those of you who’ve been watching can relive the hotness. And remember– I’m a new fan! So no spoilers in the comments, lol! And I’m sure more hot cast members have come on board, but these are the handful that I’ve been spending wayyy too much time with lately. Peep the gallery for more!

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  1. Girrrrrrl, you can take me back to Denny any day! Those were the DAYS! Loved that show. Sad that it’s winding up, but it’s time :)

    • LaurenL, Denny was TOO much right?! I didn’t even know the series was ending, but I’ve got about 8 more seasons to go :)

    • Oh, I don’t want to throw in any spoilers, just wait. And if you’ve seen it all then pass the kleenex! What he and Miss Katherine Heigl had was small screen magic at its finest.

  2. Isaiiah was hot until he showed that he was a homophobe. UGH

    Man Greys was a great show….until about season 5. haha. I stopped watching like 3 years ago because it was torture.

  3. Commented on this photo:

    O.M. Freakin’ G!!!!!! This is my SHOW. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Scott Foley. Jesse Williams. Kevin McKidd (I LOVE gingers!!) Jason George. Eric Dane. Patrick Dempsey. I swear it is a never ending list.

    If Seattle Grace were an actual hospital I would be trying to catch the swine flu, amoebic dysentery, and some sort of a staphylococcus just so I could be treated there. And I would shamelessly try to touch Derek Shepherd’s hair. It’s freakin’ luxurious.

  4. Jessica

    blast from the past. Can’t say I wasn’t glad when Isaiah Washington left since I couldn’t separate out all of the homophobia rumours. and since they were just that, rumours, I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person!

  5. t*

    Patrick Dempsey is the bomb! Yes, I want to order a pizza with extra anchovies please. LOL Those eyes…that smile… and the hair!
    I was so excited when I first learned about Grey’s Anatomy. The first few season rocked…but glad it’s coming to an end too. Kind of jumped the shark with the singing episode for me, that said I still watch it.

  6. Haha yes, a little late but better late than ever!
    Too bad Isaiah turned out to be such a jerk that they had to write him off ; \

    One more thing..don’t watch the Season 5 finale alone.

  7. Samantha

    I had to unfollow Jesse Williams on twitter because I couldn’t handle those green eyes in his avi. Just looking at me, begging me to love him…

  8. Samantha

    37 weeks?! OMG!! You are almost finished baking that little girl (wishful thinking on my part. haha)

  9. Spencer

    I just realized the other day that Alex Karev is nerdy foreign Massimo from The Wedding Planner.. MIND = BLOWN!

  10. Redvispa

    OMG!! I just had a baby in March and I spent the entire second half of my pregnancy watching greys anatomy! I went through the whole 9 seasons in less than 9 months! I couldn’t stop! I had never watched an episode until this. It was insane! And season 9 was the best!

  11. Nathan

    I’ve tried watching the show in the past and just didn’t care for it but a couple months ago found myself addicted and have since made it through 7 seasons. While I don’t really agree that the entire cast is hot (I really only think there are a couple), I do love the show.

  12. Victoria

    Girl, I.Love.You.!!! Love those days!

  13. sweetTOOF
    Commented on this photo:

    never watch GA, but Justin Chambers…. whew, hold me down! i could “look” at pics of him all day, all night

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