First Look: Details About Britney Spears’s Las Vegas Residency Leak To The Internets


Over the weekend, the new single Work Bitch by our dear Britney Spears leaked to the Internets which resulted in the early official release of the song radio and then to iTunes. Today we have a new Britney leak to consider. Britney, as you should be well aware, is due to appear on Good Morning America tomorrow to presumably announce her forthcoming concert residency in Las Vegas, NV but today TMZ has a few reported deets about that announcement. As you can see below, TMZ is delivering information about Britney’s LV shows including our first look at what her performance stage will look like. Britney will, I believe, offer LOTS of official information about her shows tomorrow … but today, we get to learn a tiny bit about those shows early.

Britney Spears will be raking in HUGE STACKS in Vegas this winter — a ridiculous $310,000 per show … nearly $15 million per year … TMZ is privy to the financial details of Britney’s deal. The 2-year contract calls for 48 shows a year at Planet Hollywood. According to the contract, Britney will earn $310,000 per show … Britney’s cut of the gate is huge — projected sales per show are $508,514, meaning Brit will be snagging more than 60%. As we reported, producers are shooting for a “cool, hip club-like show” … unlike the run-of-the-mill Vegas shows that preceded it. It starts in December.

Ok … so what we know now, according to this TMZ report, is that Britney will perform 48 shows per year (likely spread out over 52 weeks so that she can enjoy some downtime as needed) and that the residency will begin in December (likely around the time of the release of her new as-yet-untitled/announced album). I am hearing that tickets for the shows will be announced (or will go on sale) tomorrow after Britney’s GMA appearance. I’m hoping that Britney will also be formally announcing the release of her new album tomorrow as well. Work Bitch was due to be released today but, instead, it leaked yesterday while Britney, her mother Lynne Spears and her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears were hanging out with friends in San Francisco:

It looks like Britney was having a really nice time with her family and friends yesterday while everyone else in the world was freaking the eff out over the leak/release of her killer new single. Today will be the calm before the storm for Britney fans. While Work Bitch plays on repeat on our respective iPods/computers/car stereos/etc. all day today, we await the onslaught of awesomeness that will come tomorrow morning when Britney makes her appearance on GMA. Stay tuned, tomorrow is going to be a big day for Britney Spears fans.

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  • Britney’sBitch

    You better work bitch! Get that money!

  • Dezden

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I MUSTTTTTTTTTT go. My little sis going to GMA tomorrow… I hope she sneaks a peak of Britney! Also, as excited as I am for details, I really hope tickets don’t actually go on sale tomorrow! I need a day or two to plan (or a week would be even better).

    Finally, that picture is super cute. Did you see the Work B**ch pic JLS posted on IG? It made me happy.

  • Yelena

    Does anyone know what time she’s performing? Isn’t that show at like 7am… I really hope that I don’t have to up that early.

  • Sam

    Is that photo of her at the top from the “Everytime” video??

    • Britney’sBitch

      No that’s one of the pictures from Femme Fatale photo shooting.