Kanye West Officially Charged In Paparazzi Attack


This has been a strange time in the land of Kanye West. The new father to a beautiful baby girl, one of my favorite rappers has been some weird ish lately. From talk show appearances, to collaborations with Miley Cyrus, I can’t quite get my head around some of his moves, but I’m hoping he’s still… well… my Kanye. A little while back we learned that Yeezy would not be charged with a felony for an altercation with a photographer at LAX. However, we are now learning that he will be hit with misdemeanor charges of criminal battery and attempted grand theft. Le sigh. Click inside for more.

TMZ has the deets:

Kanye West has been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for allegedly attacking a paparazzo at LAX on July 19 … TMZ has learned.

Kanye went off on the photog … who dared to speak with him as he left the airport. The photog went to the hospital and has filed a lawsuit. The photog hired Gloria Allred, who has said the attack left her client badly injured.

Just days before the attack Kanye issued multiple warnings to the paparazzi NOT to speak to him.

If convicted of both misdemeanors … Kanye faces a maximum of 1 year in jail.

He’ll be arraigned October 10th.

We attempted to reach Kanye’s lawyer, Blair Berk, but her assistant said she was unavailable “because it’s the highest holy day of the year for Jews” and she was at services.

Ugh. All types of ugh. I really just want him to stick to the music, but over the past few months we’ve seen the ‘razzi really get to him.

But damn! Did you see that performance he did with Charlie Wilson?! He is so effing dope, I just want him to focus on his music. Like, for reals. Maybe this charge could have a positive effect on him. Right now, there’s no real way to fight the paparazzi, so until certain laws change (and I know Kanye has talked about wanting to make some of those changes come about), he’s gonna have to deal with them. And the sooner he figures out how to do that, the better.

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  • Alecia

    I’m sorry Shannon. Casual fans and the general public don’t know the struggles of being a Stan. It’s almost like being a parent. You want nothing more but for them to be happy and content but at the same time you have to shake your head at their antics.
    Like you said that Bound 2 performance on Jimmy Fallon was bananas- that’s what we should focus on, not some mess with the paps. And now that he’s a dad, he’s going to have to do better- how are you going to discipline your child and lack self-control?

    • Shannon

      Alecia, LMAO @ my Stan struggles– it’s real!!! But I completely agree with you. He’s a father now, so it’s officially time to start putting away childish things.

  • Britney’sBitch

    I am usually always against the paparazzi but when it comes to Kanye the situation is kinda different. I understand it’s part of the act and the image that he’s trying to create, where he is better than the rest of us, he is the god or whatever…but he doesn’t have to be a douche about it.
    I feel like he thinks like Amanda Bynes did…nothing lasts forever. They can act reckless and irresponsible but it will get to them eventually. It’s like they didn’t learn anything from 2007ney.

  • nicole

    i still dont feel bad for the pap, he has a track record for getting under celebs skin by any means necessary, so it was coming, Kanye was just the one to not so surprisingly to snap.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Girl the pregnancy must be affecting your thinking.To call this aweful guy “my Kaney” is so sick.He is a good musician and an aweful person.From jumping on stage during Taylor Swift time to all these attacks on people whether paps or not makes him an aweful individual.He thinks he is better than anybody else because he has some money.Him and Alex Balwin are below human contempt.This aweful person should be fined millions of dollars,although I do not expect that his inferiority complex would be affected by a large fine.