Justin Bieber Shows Off A Personalized Script For The ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Movie


So … late yesterday Justin Bieber posted a photo on his official Instagram profile where he shows off an alleged script for the so-called Batman vs. Superman movie that is emblazoned with his name on it (the photo also, incidentally, shows off The Biebs’s new iPhone 5S — which hasn’t been released yet) prompting many to believe that JB may be suggesting that he is up for a part in the movie (folks are guessing that he may play Robin in the film). It’s impossible to tell from just the photo but the script does look like a real script … tho, Bieber does have the resources to have someone work up a fake script for him. Is Justin Bieber breaking big casting news with this photo … or is he just trolling us all because he can?

My gut tells me that Bieber is just messing around with us. Here are some of his recent tweets that suggest that he is merely trolling:

BIG NEWS – I got a mosquito bite on my neck and it is really itchy / Off to do something funny or…die :)

Funny or Die, eh? It’s possible that this Batman script might be used in an upcoming Funny or Die skit, maybe of Bieber playing Robin in the skit? On the other hand, considering Warner Bros.‘s decision to cast Ben Affleck as Batman in the new film, I wouldn’t put it past them to offer a film role (the Robin role?) to Justin Bieber … I mean, I would hate it but I can’t say that I’d be all that shocked. HMM. What do y’all think this photo means? Is JB taking the piss? Could he really be up for a role in the new Batman vs. Superman movie? If so … THOUGHTS?!


  • BGLU Tia

    Beiber as Robin. Affleck as Batman. Lohan as Catwoman. Kanye as Lex Luther (Can you imagine his rage induced fits?)

    I mean, if they’re going to ruin this movie, they should ruin it in the most epic manner possible. I’m willing to give Affleck a chance but I have NO shine for Beiber in anything other than a studio. (Remember when he used to make music and not a fool of himself?)

    • Balito

      LOL…. 100% agreed… this movie will be EPIC… FAIL!!!

  • Isaac Webster

    Haven’t we suffered enough over Affleck?


  • schmee

    Considering Robin is a chick in that version of the Batman continuity, maybe Bieber is telling us something else

  • ChadSF

    Joker junior would be a good role for him!

  • ChadSF

    Joker junior will be a good role for him!

  • Megan

    Or he’s just being a douchecanoe showing off his elite connections