Watch: ‘Good Morning America’ Releases A Britney Spears Promo Video


This coming Tuesday morning, our dear Britney Spears will appear on Good Morning America to presumably announce her much-anticipated Las Vegas residency of concert performances (hopefully with a live performance on the show) and to promote Britney’s appearance, GMA has released a promo video teasing Tuesday’s episode. You can watch the clip in full in the video embed above.

In other news, the blogger at Popjustice has heard Britney’s new single Work Bitch (which will officially be released on Monday at 3PM PT / 6PM ET) and is dishing some deets about the song on Twitter. Click below to read some tweets about Britney’s new single Work Bitch.

The Britney Spears single is a 9/10 on first listen. / Britney Single Fact 1: It is the opposite of a ballad but it is not generic ‘EDM’ / Britney Single Fact 2: “GUV-A-NAH” is one of the best bits. / Britney Single Fact 3: The WORK IT OUT WORK IT OUT WORK IT OUT bit coming out of the middle weight is ‘quite something’. / Britney Single Fact 4: It does not end with a fade. / Britney Single Fact 5: The “You wanna live fancy, live in a big mansion, party in France? You’d better work bitch” bit is quite good / Britney Single Fact 6: It is ‘a banger’ but it has some tuney bits in it as well.

I. Am. Dying. I cannot WAIT to hear this song for myself! I know I shouldn’t wish for such things but … I really want Work Bitch to leak online before it gets officially released on Monday. If it leaks early, Britney and co. may release the single early … and EARLY is better than later! It’s gonna be a LONG weekend of waiting for rabid Britney Spears stans … let’s try and get thru this together.


  • ClaireMichelle

    That description sounds so perfect!!! I cannot freaking wait!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Please let it leak early! I need it now.

  • Devonte Antonio

    Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg!!!! I wonder what I’d have to do for them to put me in an induced coma so the time passes faster…what…must…I…do!?!

  • Sandy!


  • Terry

    Oh man!!! I am dying!!!

  • Montgomery

    Please leak this weekend! I’m so hyped to hear it and i’ve got my credit card ready for Vegas!

  • Em

    I’ve always thought for these sorta big releases by artists, that they’re purposely leaked a day or so earlier so the hype is built up that radio spin it crazy from day 1. However that’s kinda why I think Brit’s released implode kinda early cause they’re big from the get-go. But whatever – LEAK!

  • Andrea

    This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever wished it was Monday!