Let’s Relive DMX, Eve, Swizz Beatz, And 15 Ruff Ryders Tracks That Will Make You Nostalgic For 1999


Last week I promised you guys that this Thursday would be epic… and it has been. Y’all. If you’ve never seen a chic posted up with her 36 week-old (AKA NINE MONTH) fetus, head-bopping like cray to The LOX’s Wild Out, then you haven’t lived… and you haven’t been in my living room today. It’s going down over here! Now some of you may or may not know this, but if I have to name my absolute, number one favorite rapper of all time, it has to be DMX. You can imagine how much it pains to me see him at trainwreck status right now, but cocaine is a helluva drug and Throwback Thursday is all about living in the past. And in the past, DMX was EEEEEVERRRRYTHING. Friggen Jay Z wished his Hard Knock Life tour (my first-ever concert experience) was about him, LOL! Back in ’98, hip-hop heads everywhere flocked to that Jigga tour to see one guy… and it wasn’t Jigga. Le sigh. I truly miss the days when DMX ruled the world, and I miss his whole damn crew! The Ruff Ryders (which included Eve, Drag-On, The LOX, and– unofficially– Swizz Beatz), made my life so happy… and sooo hood, it was ridiculous… LMAO. But seriously! Click inside for 15 of about a million songs brought to us by Ruff Ryders Entertainment.

15 Ruff Ryders Tracks That Will Make You Nostalgic For 1999


1. DMX, Get At Me Dog:


When it comes to DMX, I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t even know what song to start with, so let’s just get it in. Friggen Get At Me Dog. Remember when this got banned from MTV? Because it was so grimey and so full of curses it was, like, humanly and technologically impossible to make a clean version of it? Yeah. I miss those days. I miss rap music, LOL!


2. DMX, How’s It Goin’ Down:


LMAO… love that the video opens up with the quintessential 90s hip-hop booty shot. Sigh.

Now, real talk. Hated this video when it first came out. Haaaated it! Like, every second of it. You have to understand that back in the day, I was to DMX what Beliebers are to you-know-who. I hated every woman that came near him– hated this video chic, hated his wife, and if he’d had a daughter I would have been like, This chic needs to back up off my man. It was scary y’all. But now that I’m older and I’ve accepted that DMX and I were not meant to be (in this lifetime, or whatever), it’s fine. The video’s fine.

3. Eve, What Y’all Want:


First of all. Where in the EFF is that Eve song with Missy Elliot?! Why was the only video on YouTube this ridiculous video of a dance class? Sigh. Ain’t Got No Dough used to be my jam! Whatever. Moving on. Fun fact: Hated Eve when she first came on the scene! Hated her. Because of that thing where I hated all women who came in the general vicinity of DMX, lol. However, her first album was CRACK! OMG. And this single (along with Gotta Manremember Gotta Man?!) was a huge deal; friggen Swizz Beatz. I couldn’t hate on her for very long; she was really the shizz. And she never wore bras. Loved it.

4. Eve, Love Is Blind:


Nobody talk to me right now. Kthanksbye.

5. Ruff Ryders, Ryde Or Die:


Well, we have to have the opening song to the greatest compilation ever in the history of everdom: Ruff Ryders Ryde Or Die, Vol. 1. Oh and yeah. DMX killed it! Wait, so did Eve. So did Jada. So did Drag-On. Sigh.



Now Jay Z wasn’t an official Ruff Ryder… but he sooo wanted to be. Click over for more!

  • Alecia

    I feel like barking yo! I’ll admit DMX’s antics irritated me back in the day but dang if he didn’t put out some catchy joints- which some *ahem Shannon* weren’t included. How could you forget that jam he did with Sisqo “What They Really Want?” Also, where’s “Who’s that Girl” and “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” by Eve- both classics. And last but certainly not least “Up In Here”- I know it was overplayed but it’s still the don’t mess with me anthem!
    Now off to find my inner 1999 DMX self! Thanks Shannon :)!

    • Shannon

      Alecia, *ahem* I DID note in my final paragraph that we’d have to save the MANY other amazing DMX songs for another day– don’t worry! I know them all and we shall relive them all. I mainly wanted to get the early stuff in– same for Eve. She could have a post all her own (and probably will), lol :)

    • Alecia

      Oops, missed that part! But a whole entire Eve post?! Yay!!!

  • nicole

    so my nephew’s friend is new to the hip hop world..so i showed some artists he needed to listen to … and DMX & Ruff Ryders we’re on the last… that kid had the balls to say “yeah its alright but its no Lil Wayne/Young Cash Money”…da fffffffff………i was speechless. i mean..not even Cash Money, but YOUNG cash money.. damn kids. all i could do was look at my nephew and leave the room. i died a little that day.
    now if you guys dont hear from me for a week…thats because im still hanging out in this post.

    • Shannon

      nicole, we can’t teach this little kids nothin.’ They weren’t there, they’ll never really understand. Sigh…

    • nicole

      aint that the truth Shannon…aint that the truth.

  • Iris B



    Yeah, that was me back in middle school. *cough*

    • Shannon

      Iris B, I’m glad you did it ’cause I definitely forgot to shouts-out YO! When I finally got to Yonkers (’cause you know Sarah Lawrence is right around the corner in Bronxville) I was SO PUMPED! And I definitely ended up on ‘School street/School street/home of the brave’ at some point, LOL :)

  • Maanami Matthews

    Oh man! This made me go hunt down that compilation disc too (b/c it was so AMAZING) only to open it….and nothing. I’ve been jacked. :-( NOOOOO Oh well, off to purchase that digital copy!

  • Samantha

    um, Down Bottom, yes. I can’t believe I still remember every single word of that song…hahaha