FIRST LOOK: Britney Spears Releases The Cover Artwork For ‘Work Bitch’


OMFG! Britney Spears just released on her official Twitter profile the cover artwork for her new single Work Bitch, due out on MONDAY, and I’M FREAKING THE EFF OUT!!!!! As you can see in the full-size image below, our dear Britney is serving Las Vegas Showgirl REALNESS on the sexy cover of her new single. It’s all happening … all at once … a new single, a new album and a new concert residency in Las Vegas … WE ARE ON THE PRECIPICE OF A NEW ERA OF BRITNEY SPEARS MUSIC AND I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF!!!!! Click below WON’T YOU!?!?!

4 days people! Go call the Po-Lice! Go call the Governor! #WorkB

DAMN, she looks good! OMG, the excitement … I can barely contain myself. It’s too much … it’s just too much. Thankfully Britney and her peeps are dolling out the info bit by bit and not all at once (just yet) otherwise there’d be heart attacks all over the world happening all at once. Next Tuesday, we’re gonna get a LOT of exciting new info … but the fun is getting underway right now. GAHHHH!!!!! I’M DYING! DYYYYYING!!!


  • al

    Am I the only one loving the “pop princess” crown on the table?

    and the black feather boa behind it, could that be a shot fired to lady gaga’s swan?!?1


  • marcus_em

    This is a Blind Item I read this morning! SO EXCITED!!!!!!

    You are going to be shocked when you see this former superstar in the next couple of months! Reports from the set of her latest project are that she is amazingly healthy… and fit… and mentally sharp! We can’t even remember the last year that she was all three of those thing at the same time. She is so healthy and fit that the body double and the stunt person that were hired to sub in her for on certain shots have been sitting on the sidelines during the entire shoot! She is doing all her own work, and she is performing like she did during her peak. She is totally in charge on this production. No, she’s not being a bitch. She just knows what she wants, and she has been ordering people around with a confident smile. The crew reports that she shows up prepared and energetic every single day, and that she is genuinely happy, creative, encouraging and quite funny. They are really loving working with her. In fact, she is so sharp and mentally fit that we are pleased to exclusively report that a certain legal arrangement that was designed to protect her is being dissolved soon! She is clearly ready for a professional comeback, and ready to take charge of her own life again. Britney Spears

    • @marcus_em — OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jamie O.

      This gives me full on chills!!! CANNOT WAIT!

  • Joshua Waselynchuk

    I cant the look on her face is like “yea i know you bitches are dying for it” This is amazing

  • Devonte Antonio


  • Nicole O’Brien

    Girl has had some crappy cover artwork for singles and albums, but I LOVE this!!!

    • @Nicole O’Brien — ACK! I agree … her cover art isn’t always the best (erm, it’s usually terrible) but this is hot, yes :D

    • Emily Lange

      circus was good though right? I liked her look on that album!

    • @Emily Lange — Yes, my fave cover is the one for ‘Britney’ (the Japanese version with glitter) but for the most part — and you know I LURVE her to death — her cover art isn’t always the best.

  • Mikey

    This is AMAZING!!

    I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW GOOD SHE LOOKS… Britney is back, showing these lessors how it’s done (looking at you Katy and Gaga)

  • Britney’sBitch


    It’s like a mixture of Blackout cover and Circus video. Very showgirl-y! I can’t hold my excitement. Love the vegas sign! Love the eyes and the attitude. Work Bitch!!!!

  • Lulu

    I love everything except her chest in this…. it looks really, really weird. But her face is divine. :)

    • @Lulu — Showgirls outfits like this have a nude mesh lining, which is why her chest/boobs look funny in the photo.

  • ClaireMichelle

    This is absolutely flawless!! I cannot freaking wait!! OH MY GOD!!! Also, this hair length on her is so perfect. I’m obsessed!


  • nicole

    looks like the finally invested in someone to do a damn good single cover. its about time.

  • Thomas

    @nicole Agreed 100%.

    I’m so ridiculously excited to hear this song. This artwork definitely adds to that excitement!

    The “Work Bitch” font reminds of something… is it similar to Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” font from the single cover?

  • Donny

    She looks intoxicated. I love it!

  • Jerrica

    Damn, give that skank a redbull or something, she looks wasted!!! Can’t wait for the train wreck to rear it head…ROFLMAO