Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Reveals That That ‘Worst Twerk Fail EVER’ Viral Video Is A Complete Fake


In further proof that you simply cannot believe ANYTHING on the Internet comes the revelation today that that viral video that made the rounds last week that purportedly featured the WORST TWERK FAIL EVER – Girl Catches On Fire! is a fake video that was staged by late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. The viral video in question, which was featured as the headline of Les News on September 6, shows a seemingly innocent girl in a twerking-gone-wrong scenario. The clip spread around the world like wildfire, providing entertainment for pretty much everyone who saw it. Last night, on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel, Kimmel came clean with the revelation that the video was faked and that the “seemingly innocent girl” is actually a trained stuntwoman. Click the embed above to watch the unedited FULL version of the video and see how Jimmy Kimmel trolled us all … hardcore :/

Click below to watch extended video of Jimmy explaining the whole hoax on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night …

  • Carlos

    trolled us all … hardcore :/ ????
    Really? you thought that was real? How cute!

    • @Carlow — LOL. It’s really easy to say “I knew it was fake” after the fact ;)

  • Krissy

    I laughed so hard at that video, I don’t really care that it was fake! Kudos to Jimmy for his stealthy tactics (not sending it out, just posting on youtube). Brilliantly played!

    Based on how many websites it was posted on, I think you could say that he successfully fooled a lot of people. It was EVERYWHERE yesterday!

  • OG Emily

    The husband and I had a deep debate about whether this was real – he was Camp Real and I was Camp Fake. Good to know that in this case, like so many others, I am right. Well done Jimmy, well done. (For the record Trent, I alway confuse the two too.)

  • Toni

    Genius, absolutely genius . I didn’t give the video much thought but I totally watched it 2 weeks ago before it made its round in the news

  • Megan

    Not gunna lie, I totally thought it was real lol. I’m actually glad it isn’t, it makes me feel a little bit better about society.