Justin Bieber Takes His Barely-There Facial Hair To New York Fashion Week


Erm … so remember last week when we learned that baby-faced Justin Bieber is attempting to man up by attempting to grow facial hair? Yeah, well, it appears that JB’s attempt at getting hairy is a real thing because today we learn that The Biebs made his way to NYC for New York Fashion Week and he was “showing off” his wispy facial hair all over town. JB was seated in the front row of a few fashion shows and as you can see in the photos below, his barely-there facial hair was PROUDLY on display. LOL. You know you wanna look so … let’s go.

Hahaha … from far away, it really looks like Justin Bieber has a dirty lip … or maybe a chocolate milk mustache. It’s only when you get a closer look at his lip pubes that you, in fact, can see that he is actually growing some semblance of a mustache:

At this close angle, you can actually count the individual hairs on his lip. Isn’t that precious? Back when Jude Law was filming the first two Sherlock Holmes movies, the Jude’stache was born. I think it’s only fitting that JB gets his own Bieber’stache moniker. Honestly, I think it’s going to be real fun to watch the Bieber’stache grow (or not) over time. As long as The Biebs insists on making his “mustache” a thing, I predict good times ahead for all of us. Bless his little heart.

[Photo credit: Getty]

  • ClaireMichelle

    Oh my god. It looks so gross up close. And from far away it just looks like dirt that I want to scrub off of his face. No. Just… No.

  • Britney’sBitch


  • rOXy

    Got Chocolate Milk?

  • nicole

    ahh the close ups. i swear its the things nightmares are made of.

  • swile71

    VOMIT! So she was taking hormones to get this fuzz?

  • lost in here

    its looks so gross

  • supercute

    I am pretty sure I could grow a better mustache quicker than The Biebs. (Spoiler Alert! I am a lady.)


  • Sincerely

    Is that invisalign?

  • Rosie

    Yeah I’m pretty sure it is Invisalign, I’ve got it at the moment! Best thing ever!