Jessica Biel Legally Changes Her Last Name To Timberlake


Shortly after the couple said their I Dos in October of last year, we heard that Jessica Biel was planning to take the last name of her husband Justin Timberlake. Now, 11 months after the fact, we learn that Jessica has legally changed her last name to Timberlake … even tho she will still professionally be known as Jessica Biel. Honestly, I am much more impressed when women keep their last names both privately and professionally because why should a woman change her identity to marry a man but … that’s just my personal belief. In any event, according to Life & Style magazine, the name change is a done deal so … there you have it!

Eleven months after marrying Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel has officially taken her man’s last name. “It’s all official!” a source tells Life & Style. “The paperwork is done and she’s now legally Jessica Timberlake.” An insider close to the star says she’ll still be known professionally as Jessica Biel. A week after their Oct. 19, 2012, nuptials, the actress revealed she had plans to trade in Biel for Timberlake. “It’s weird because it’s feels like almost nothing has changed,” she’s said about married life. “But yet something that you really can’t describe — or something that isn’t really tangible — has changed.”

Wouldn’t it have been amazing if Justin changed his last name to Biel? I mean, he could’ve remained Justin Timberlake professionally but … alas, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. So in her personal life, Jessica will be a Timberlake and in her professional life she will remain a Biel … therefore, I’ll just refer to her as Jessica Biel-Timberlake to cover all the bases. Now that Jessica and Justin have the same last name, I guess the way is paved for the couple to bring forth a baby Timberlake into the world at some point. Might there be a Bump Watch in the near future?

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  • Whit

    He’s still my boo though.

  • Brenna

    I totally agree with you. I’ve been married almost 19 years now and I kept my own name. It’s MY NAME, you know. I like it! :)

  • Karen

    Agree with you, Trent. I’m always secretly a little bummed when my female friends change their last names when they marry. None of my male friends have changed their names when they got married. And I live in the Bay Area! Not progressive in this respect.

    I do think it would be cool if a couple created new last name together.

  • Liebchen

    I don’t think the act itself is impressive one way or another.
    What I think is impressive is when the woman comes to which ever decision by herself instead of just doing it because its “tradition” or “expected.” It’s ultimately up to the bride (not society or people who want more progression) so one should not be bummed if a woman decides to change her name.

    If my fiance and I ever decide to actually go through and get married I will happily change my name to his, not because its expected but because my father was a terrible person and I’d love to shed the last part of him that clings to me.

  • Em

    Agree with Trent – in this case especially since she is still going to be known as Biel. But even for non-celebs. A certificate, a name – I don’t think any of those define how you love someone. The name thing is quite outdated, but each to their own.

  • Rachel

    But when you have kids and they have a different last name that you it can get difficult. I am going through a divorce and won’t change my name back to maiden name cause I do not want to have a different name than my kids. Traveling, Hospital trips, Doctors….etc…. difficult if you have a different last name.

    • Kat

      I agree Rachel. I’m a total feminist when it comes to titles etc… I’m a Ms now (unmarried) and have been since I started working professionally. And will remain that way after I am married but I will change my name.

      My parents have been married for almost 35 years but Mum kept her last name and I hated explaining that they weren’t divorced when I was little. Also if you hyphenate your kids names what happens when they have kid do they get three last names? And what if they have kids with someone ELSE with a hyphentated name???

      I think having the same name shows you are now a family. If people want to make their own name, the woman changes or the man changes its each to their own but I don’t think women should be criticised for it. even if it is following an archaic , masculine tradition.

  • tessa

    I changed my name several times after I got married, despite the opinions of my MIL and SIL who felt strongly I should keep my maiden as they did. Initially I changed to my husband’s name but then to a hyphenated version of both since I felt like the married name wasn’t “me”. Fast forward 5 years and I’ve changed back to just my married name. For me it’s not about losing my identity or my name, as an outward statement that we’re a team (plus the hyphenated name was a PAIN, and I didn’t want my future children to have to always answer questions about why Mom and Dad have different names)!

  • OG Emily

    Jessica seems very Stepford housewife-ish to me, so it’s not surprising. JT picks out her clothes and jewelry and jumps on her head in their wedding photos. It’s the JT show 24/7, so this fits the bill perfectly.

  • Vicky

    Timberlake is such a wonderful last name, though.

  • Zanne

    I kept name after marrying and even though our kids have my husband’s last name, it’s really not a big deal. It’s easier to explain about my kids having a different last name than to have gone through all the hassle of legally changing my name. For example, I bought the house we live in before getting married and I would have had to go through a 2nd closing – and the closing fees! – to change my name on the deed. *shudder* Ladies, please just keep your own name! ;)