Celebrating Tamar, Part II


On Saturday night a big group of family and friends got together at the Roosevelt Hotel to celebrate our dear friend Tamar’s 30th birthday even tho it wasn’t her actual birthday. Yesterday was Tam’s actual birthday so another celebration was in order. A smaller group of family and friends got together at R23 in Downtown LA for a sumptuous sushi dinner in honor of Tam’s special day. The food was absolutely DIVINE, every single morsel, but the true treat was getting to spend quality time with the closest people in Tamar’s life :)

I had never been to R23 before but, apparently, it’s a famous sushi restaurant loved by all … and I can see why. The food was so good, I mean … really good. Our table of 8 was treated to a LOT of sushi variety and I have to tell you, it was all absolutely delicious. Tam’s husband Rob and her parents chose well. The night was a nice and relaxing one, nothing raucous at all (we handled that on Saturday night). I have one more bit of birthday fun for Tamar to enjoy this coming weekend so her party ain’t over just yet.

No plans for today. I think I’ll meet up with Tam later today for a yoga class but other than that, it looks like it’s going to be a quiet Tuesday :)

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