Azealia Banks Reveals The Tracklisting For Her Album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’


So, apparently rapper Azealia Banks is planning to release her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste in early 2014 after we learned in 2012 that it would be released this year in 2013. For some reason, the release of her album keeps getting pushed back significantly. I guess January 2014 is the new release goal so I guess we have to hold our collective breath to see if the album will actually get released. In the meantime, tho, Banks is trying to keep people interested in her. This year alone she released the songs BBD (HERE), Yung Rapunxel (HERE) and ATM Jam (featuring Pharrell) (HERE) … which will all appear on her debut album. Azealia shared the official tracklisting for Broke with Expensive Taste on her official Instagram profile last night … click below to learn what other songs made the cut.

‘Idle Delilah’
‘Gimme A Chance (feat. Toko Yasuda)’
‘Lux N’Plush’
‘JFK (feat. Theophilus London)’
‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’
‘Ice Princess’
‘Yung Rapunxel’
‘In Town (feat. Kevin Hussein)’
‘Miss Amor’
‘ATM Jam (feat. Pharrell)’
‘Miss Camaraderie’

While Azealia’s dwindling fanbase continues to await the release of her album, she’s spent much of her time getting into Twitter feuds with Lily Allen, Lady Gaga and others. While I’m certain that the album delays are completely out of her control, it would be nice if the young woman would just focus on her music career and leave the childish feuding alone. Honestly, I am still marginally interested in what she does because I believe she is an incredibly talented artist. But if she continues to waste our time with bullshizz like Twitter feuds, my interest will wane and completely disappear … like I know it has for so many other people. It remains to be seen if A.) her album will ever see the light of day and B.) if her music career will ever really take off. Her reputation for self-sabotage could put an end to her career before it ever gets a chance to get underway.