Watch: Lady Gaga Performs A ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Version Of ‘Applause’ On ‘Good Morning America’


Last week we learned that Lady Gaga would be appearing on Good Morning America today and earlier this morning she delivered a fun, Wizard of Oz-style performance of her new single Applause that I must admit I enjoyed greatly. Gaga, all dressed up like Dorothy, performed a portion of Somewhere Over the Rainbow as a lead in to her single Applause and took the entire GMA audience straight to Oz. As you can imagine, there were various costume changes, a cleverly designed Yellow Brick Road set and actual wig snatching. This has to be my favorite of Gaga’s live performances as of late. Check out the video in the embed above and see what you think. I like this performance, do you?

  • Will

    I love it!
    It’s kinda refreshing seeing her performing fully clothed lol.
    And I must say, I didn’t like the song at first, but it really grew on me.

  • cutitout

    What iz it gonna take to either get a tornado to sweep her away or to get someone to drop a house on her?

    • @cutitout — LOL

  • rOXy

    Actually, I like the high school play feel of this performance. She channeled Liza in that black wig. Kill me for saying this, but the first shot of the lion looks an awful lot like PeeWee Hilton and you never get another good look after that. Surely not? Say it ain’t so.

    • KJ

      Was thinking the same thing. Like, eerily similar to Hilton.

    • nicole

      i think that was supposed to be a bit of a shot at hilton – having someone who looks him playing the ‘coward’-ly lion.

  • nicole

    its nice she covered her goodies for once. but i have to say…im already bored of the multiple costume changes during the song.

  • Joan

    I have become a fan of the wig-snatching, gotta say. If I can say one thing about Gaga’s ARTPOP performances so far, it is that it looks that she’s having fun on stage. [Having fun on stage without being sloppy or lazy about the performance itself, I mean. *cough*Miley*cough*] I like the vibe. I like it.

    • Krissy

      I agree, this has a vibe that is much more fun. I like it!

  • Charing

    I just felt so bad for that adorable-as-a-button puppy! Poor thing must have been lost as hell.

  • JennVerde

    I really would have appreciated a Tinkerbell rendition.

  • Steven M

    Uggggh, I don’t know what it is about her, just so over her;/ I really miss loving her, it’s like her arrogance just oozes out of her pores I cannot stand her anymore:( This song is ok, but just sounds like something that could’ve easily been on the fame and not even as a single.