Watch: Jenny McCarthy Makes Her Official Debut As Co-Host On ‘The View’


Back in July we learned officially that Jenny McCarthy was named the new co-host of the daytime talk show The View and in August we got to see the first promo photos of Jenny as the newest member of The View. Today, she made her debut officially on The View as the 17th season of the show kicked off with much fanfare. Click the embed above to watch Jenny’s first moments as co-host of The View and see what you think. You’ll notice that the set was updated over the summer and I have to say, the studio looks cheap. All of the shots from around the studio make it look small and, well, cheap is the only word that comes to mind. HMMM. Watch the vid, see what you think. Jenny is officially a member of the cast now … let’s see if anything of note comes from adding her to the show.

  • Nathan

    When I learned Joy was leaving, I knew I probably would never watch the show again and after seeing this, I’m pretty sure this will hold true. I don’t dislike Jenny or anything, but I don’t think the show offers anything great anymore.

  • al

    She’s not a good fit for The View, The Talk maybe but not the View. Joy was essentially the heart of the show, now that she’s gone something is definitely lacking. And can you imagine Jenny interviewing Obama or Bill Clinton, she’ll probably end up twerking on them. Eh

  • Michael Alden

    I saw it and it didn’t surprise me that when Valerie Harper said that many pharmaceutical companies are looking into ways to treat lung cancer that hadn’t been brought on by smoking Jenny turned to the side almost in a “Ugh” expression seeing as she’s still anti pharma even after the whole vaccines=autism “studies” she touted were debunked and her son was found out not to even suffer from autism. I don’t like her in the least.