Watch: Ariana Grande And Jimmy Fallon Sing Broadway Renditions Of ’99 Problems’ And ‘Thrift Shop’


This is so awkward. You guys are now forced to watch my descent into Ariana Grande fan-dom. I don’t know how this girl got me, but… she got me! We just checked out her sweet new video for Baby I, and now every time I see her name I’m all like What? What’d Ariana do? It’s weird. So. Ariana was a guest on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon a few nights ago, and she and Jimmy teamed up to cover a few of our favorite tracks. Jay Z’s 99 Problems, Cypress Hill’s Insane In the Brain, and Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop all get the Broadway treatment– and Ariana sounds amazing! What is it with her? I’m just gonna have to accept that I like her and move on with my life. She’s dope. Whatever. Peep the video for more!


  • Brenna

    I can’t say that I particularly enjoy the character she plays on Nick, but the girl can TOTALLY sing.

  • Joanna

    If you like her rendition of a few hip-hop songs then you’re gonna wanna check out her brief iheartradio interview where she sings fan tweets about the album. As a singer she can do no wrong. The only thing that has been bothering me lately about her is that she always has her hair the same way. The only time I see it different is on Sam & Cat. She needs to change it up every once and a while.

    • Devonte Antonio

      I get that but I love her hair! It’s cute and works with her trying to create a cute little image outside of Nickelodeon…once she has a different base of fans for her music, I’m sure she’ll change it up…

  • Serenity

    HA! I love the extended bleep on “Thirftshop.”

  • rOXy

    Ha, Shannon! I can’t believe you posted this today. I fell in love with this girl over the weekend. She is the real real deal. Not many can take on Mariah, but I’m thinking she can.

  • Tarah

    Shannon! You have to see her cover of Mariah’s Emotions. It is insane…It’s a yespleasemorethankyou kind of moment!