Christina Aguilera Covers ‘Maxim’ Magazine


Now that Christina Aguilera appears to be ready to get back to work and get some of her groove back we are starting to see her more and more in the public eye. With her return season of The Voice quickly approaching, Xtina has begun doing promo work for the show. This month, she is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Maxim magazine … and she is looking foine as Hell. Click below to see Xtina’s Maxim coverphoto and check out a couple photos from the accompanying photospread.

On the definition of sexy: I’m such a down-to-earth girl, I’m comfortable in just a jersey and boy’s underwear. Trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing you can do. Sexiness should be effortless.

On the kind of guys she likes: I love genuine guys; that’s why I pretty much stay away from celebrities. I don’t care about money, because, trust me, I can support myself.

On her Mickey Mouse Club co-stars Ryan Gosling & Justin Timberlake: They were both very charismatic, but I think I have to shy away from the question. I don’t want this to bite me in the butt later. They were tight, you know. They’d walk around together all the time, same as me and Britney would. Now look at us. It’s funny how that played out.

Here is video from Xtina’s Maxim shoot as provided by Entertainment Tonight:

I’m assuming that Xtina will talk more than just sex in her coverstory interview but since we are talking about Maxim magazine here, I guess anything is possible. What I love most about the photos we see here is how stripped down Xtina looks. She’s not wearing her trademark garish red lipstick (which is a HUGE relief). I much prefer it when Xtina tones down the make-up because, IMHO, she looks best when she’s fresh-faced. She makes a pretty hawt Maxim girl, don’t you think? This issue of Maxim hits newsstands September 17 so you might want to pick it up if you need a bit more Xtina in your life.


  • Jess

    *On newstands september 17th

    I love her so much it makes me want to that weird?

    • @Jess — Thanks, I amended the mag release date.

  • nicole

    im absolutely in love that B&W picture. i love the lack of red lipstick too. though i noticed these days, the red lipstick seems to mostly be used when it come to The Voice.

  • superjosh

    Those web exclusive shots look fantastic, but the cover is pretty horrid. LOL at Xtina saying sexiness should be effortless!! Gurl, you so crazy.

  • Vicky

    She looks much better when she is natural faced like this, as opposed to the red lipstick and orangeness that we are accustomed to seeing from her. Would love to see her more natural on the Voice, too.

  • OG Emily

    I’m not tryin to hate here, but I must guffaw at Xtina saying sexiness should be effortless. When I think Xtina, all I think about is effort. Girl cannot edit, everything she does is over the top (the singing, the clothes, the makeup.) Nothing seems effortless or easy with her. I’m looking at these pictures and I can even see her effort to look sexy, like the wheels are spinning in her mind, “Place arm here, heave butt here, lift leg here – yes, this will be sexy.”). That said, I love when she’s toned down the makeup.

  • Sasha

    It’s amazing what the right makeup and weight can do on you. She looks stunning