Watch: Zac Efron & Seth Rogan Are Feuding Neighbors In The Red Band Trailer For ‘Neighbors’


Back in April and May we got to see hawt photos of Zac Efron on the set of his new film Neighbors (formerly titled Townies) and today we get to see his hawtness in action in the red band trailer for the film. In Neighbors, Zac’s fraternity moves in next door to a young couple played by Seth Rogan and Rose Byne and, as you can imagine, hilarity ensues. Click the embed above to watch the minorly NSFW red band trailer for the film, which is due out next year. Honestly, Zac comes off as a bit of a dick in this trailer … but his shirtlessness more than makes up for his douchebaggery :) Please enjoy.

  • schmee

    Douchebag Efron does it for me way more than Sensitive Efron. Not that I wouldn’t put up with some doe eyed teary hand holding if Sensitive Efron came with Douchebag Efron’s abs.

  • Sam

    Looks like it could be funny!

  • Patrick

    whoops there go my pants!

  • Nathan

    Looks like a terrible movie but I’ll probably watch it.

  • t*

    I will go see this!

  • Megan Rhea