Listen: Céline Dion Releases A New Single Titled ‘Loved Me Back To Life’


It’s been a minute since Céline Dion graced us with the pleasure of hearing her soaring voice in song but she’s back with a new single and, presumably, a new album to follow. Over the Labor Day weekend, Céline first previewed and then released the audio of a new song titled Loved Me Back to Life. As you can hear below, the song is a mid-tempo ballad-y track that showcases her big voice well and signals, I think, the new direction that she is taking with her return to music. Click below to hear the song in full and see what you think of Céline Dion’s return.

While I like the song, I feel that it’s kind of missing something. It doesn’t have that BIG BOOMING feel of some of Céline’s greatest hits. I am a big fan of her debut album and homegirl sang huge songs on that release (like, for example, The Power of Love). This time around (on this single, at least), it sounds to me that Céline is going for a new sound for her. I mean, I like the song but it’s not a quintessential Céline song for me. I’m curious to hear what the rest of Dion’s new music sounds like. Hopefully we’ll get to hear more new stuff soon. As for Loved Me Back to Life, what do y’all think? Are you a fan?


  • Nicole O’Brien

    I love me some Celine!!

  • JennVerde

    This songs sounds MUCH more powerful when you have earbuds on.

  • Karen Ooijer

    It’s perfect, love it!