‘Billboard’ Magazine Reports Britney Spears’s New Single Is Titled ‘All Eyes On Me’


Yesterday we learned about a few new rumors going around regarding new music from Britney Spears but today we learn something different, possibly confirmed by Billboard magazine. As you may recall, one of the rumors that sprouted up over the weekend claimed that Britney’s new single will be titled Werk, Bitch. According to a new report from Billboard, tho, the single will actually be titled All Eyes On Me. My gut reaction tells me that Britney probably wouldn’t name her single after a lyric that was prominently used in the single Scream & Shout which she released earlier this year with will.i.am. But, if there’s any media outlet to believe regarding music news like this, it’s Billboard magazine. Hmmm.

Here is the version of the story that Billboard printed in its magazine which confidently claims that Britney’s new single is titled All Eyes On Me:

BUT the online version of this story reads much less confidently. There is a huge IF included in the online version of the story:

The literal countdown to new Britney Spears music has officially begun: on Tuesday morning (Aug. 20), the pop superstar’s website featured a timer counting down to the release of something titled “All Eyes On Me.” If “All Eyes On Me” is indeed a new single, it is scheduled for release on Sept. 17 at 9:30 am ET. And if it is indeed a new single, the song will likely lead Spears’ hotly anticipated eighth studio album.

Yes, Billboard may have the inside scoop on the single title but honestly, I’m not quite convinced just yet. The mysterious countdown clock on Britney’s website features the hashtag #AllEyesOnMe which probably is NOT the single title and is just a reference to the lyric from Scream & Shout meant to engage fans to keep an eye on the countdown clock as it counts down. I guess the take away here is that we should consider all of these rumors with a big grain of salt. We should learn something definitively this week about something so … stay tuned.

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  • Kendra

    Isn’t “all eyes on me” part of Circus and not Scream and Shout? Either way, I agree..I don’t see her using lyrics from another song as the title of a new song..But maybe it’s like a part 2 to the song? Whatevs..I don’t care..NEW GODNEY!! WOOOT!

    • @Kendra — Oh yeah, she does sing “All eyes on me, in the center of the ring, just like a Circus” in ‘Circus’. I was thinking of the very prominent lyric, “All eyes on us” from Scream & Shout … which only goes to show that the lyric/line has been overused and is a bad idea for a new song title.

  • al

    I hope the single title is werk bitch, so many folks are against it, but it works on a lot of levels. I must give Britney and her team credit though, usually stuff leaks out left and right, this whole project seems very guarded. Good Job Brit