Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Sneak Off To Spain For A Holiday


Over the weekend, Beyoncé performed her buns off at the 2013 Budweiser Made in America Festival (which is run by her husband Jay Z) but as soon as she was finished on stage, she packed up her bags (or had her people pack up her bags, rather) and made her way to Ibiza for the rest of her Labor Day weekend. As you can see below, Bey was spotted with Blue Ivy in tow as the pair made their way onto a yacht off the coast of Spain and the ladies were lookin’ as fashionable as all get out. Behold, below.

Bey and Blue were joined by Jay but the photos of mother and daughter are the ones worth seeing. Little Blue is the spitting image of her daddy … she just gets cuter and cuter by the second. Beyoncé was lookin’ fierce as usual … tho, that leopard print muumuu isn’t really doing her any favors. Blue’s outfits are always on point so, Boom! It remains to be seen how long the B-Jay family will remain on holiday but considering how hard they’ve been working this year so far, I’d say they are deserving of a nice long stretch of rest and relaxation.

[Photo credit: Splash News, Fame]

  • Devonte Antonio

    Can we talk about how Bey is on holiday…but still rocking those heels. Calm Down, Girl. It’s not that serious…

  • blaqfury

    Man she’s a spitting image of Jigga Man…. but yet so adorable. Guess Bey wasn’t kidding when she said she ‘walks with a vengeance”… those heels are no joke and toting a toddler as well… :: two snaps and an impressed nod::

  • Linnéa

    The fact that she’s able to carry her child with no fear of falling with those heels.. oh my!

    • Devonte Antonio

      I can barely walk on a boat in flip flops, how does she do it in heels…with the child!??! I just can’t over this…lol