Miley Cyrus Admits To Being ‘So F—ed Up,’ And Talks About Her Issues In A New Interview


Well, they say admitting you have a problem is the first step, and maybe Miley Cyrus is headed in the right direction. I had a great conversation about the concept of celebrity and fame with my BFF this past weekend, and one thing we talked about is how it just isn’t normal… like at all. People aren;t meant to go days without sleep, people are meant to be stalked by paparazzi, and people aren’t meant to have so much money and so much power– and when these people are children, it’s even more abnormal. Being famous is, I think, a completely abnormal state of being and while it looks awesome and fun and glamorous– and surely has many of those aspects– it’s very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this abnormal position. So I was very interested to read about Miley Cyrus opening up about some of this in a recent interview, especially considering the public reaction to her recent MTV VMA performance. Click inside for more!

The HuffPost has the story:

Miley Cyrus gets candid in a new interview with Sunday People, reportedly telling the U.K. paper that she’s had a “messed up” life.

The 20-year-old made headlines this week after her racy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards shocked viewers and sent Twitter into a frenzy. Cyrus sang her hit song “We Can’t Stop” at the awards show before stripping down to a nude-colored two-piece to perform with Robin Thicke on the summer anthem, “Blurred Lines.” But despite her inappropriate on stage antics, Cyrus admits she’s a workaholic and is all about the music — which, in her eyes, isn’t always a good thing.

“I have so many f**king issues,” she allegedly tells Sunday People. “I am so f**ked up -– everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up.”

“I don’t have a normal life,” Cyrus adds. “I take a hiatus every now and again, but I’m not good at that.”

Cyrus also said that she rarely sleeps, but that the lack of shut-eye doesn’t affect her.

“All I do is work, so I eat to live and to keep going. People are impressed with me ­because I can sleep for just 45 minutes — I’m used to it,” Cyrus explains, adding that her diet and exercise routine is non-existent. “Because I work so much, I’m always on the road so I eat healthily. I have to give my body what it needs to keep going and if you don’t then you will crash and burn. I don’t get to work out,” she continues. “I do yoga and 30 push-ups every day and try to get my mind right.”

I know people don’t like to hear famous people complaining about their fame, because we automatically equate it with complaining about financial well-being or complaining about success. But I think Miley was honest in this interview and made some strong points– she doesn’t really, actually sleep all like that! And the people around her are impressed! And, surely, encourage her to keep it up. Something as “simple” as lack of sleep is heralded as strong work ethic when, in reality, it’s not healthy. But in the world of celebrity it’s a norm.

What do you guys think of the excerpts from the interview? You can read the full piece HERE. Miley goes on to talk about her time with Disney and how that also affects conceptions and misconceptions about who she is.


  • Alecia

    I understand that going from being a child star to an adult star is hard. I mean at least with those of us who have had a “normal” life we never have to think of things like this. We get to college, learn, maybe have a couple of wild moments and are sent into the world to do whatever we can to be productive citizens. Productivity as a celebrity means never resting properly, working at least 18-20 hours a day, eating on the fly, and doing everything in an unrealistic span of time. It’s a wonder that more child stars haven’t died trying so hard just to survive getting to the next phase. I definitely sympathize with anyone having to go through that. That’s not a way anyone’s life should be.

  • Serenity

    I think this is a good example of why I cringe when I hear people gush about putting their children in the entertainment industry. I believe a person needs a solid sense of self to not get sucked into the mindset Miley (and probably many other performers) has about working. How can anybody have that sense of self when they’re driven to work during the years when they should be figuring out limits and boundaries, especially if they have parents that aren’t helping to enforce those lessons?

  • ella

    I actually kind of wish she was complaining MORE, because even though she’s saying she’s messed up, it doesn’t seem to me like she’s actually taking it seriously. Not sleeping is actually EXTREMELY DANGEROUS for both your mental and physical health (ask Michael Jackson). Not knowing how to take time off is not a good sign either.

    She’s talking about it but I don’t get the sense that she understands that it’s a problem that *she needs to actually address,* which says to me that it’ll get worse before it gets better.