Cher Shares An Unretouched Version Of Her ‘Closer To The Truth’ Album Cover


Last week Cher revealed the cover artwork for her upcoming new album Closer to the Truth and as you may recall, the photo looked Photoshopped beyond belief. Well, it turns out that the final product may not have been as Photoshopped as we may have thought … at least, that’s what Cher wants us to believe. The pop goddess posted a photo on her official Twitter profile that was taken during her cover artwork photoshoot and as you can see below, the photo is unretouched. Honestly, she looks amazing without the Photoshop … but you have to have a look and judge for yourselves.

1. Orig.pic.2dark,but good image.

Between the two photos, I MUCH prefer the unretouched photo. I am a bit suspicious about this untouched photo but again, it looks much better than the final cover art, IMHO. What do y’all think? Do you believe that this new photo is what Cher really looks like without photo retouching? Of the two photos, which do YOU prefer?


  • Lauren xx

    I like the unretouched one much better, too. I suspect you’re a bit suspicious about both because she’s had a LOT of work done. I’d guess close to a Joan Rivers amount, but with a better surgeon. It is what she looks like (seen her perform live) but it is in no way the face she was born with.

  • Janet

    Regardless of the plastic surgery or what not, Cher comes from the greatest gene pool ever. Did you see her 87 year Mother on the Tonight show with her? You would of thought she would be in her early 60’s which is younger the Cher’s actually age

  • Lance

    She looks like the living dead. I’ve seen better made up corpses at funerals