Britney Spears’s New Single Title & Album Release Date Reportedly Revealed


Over the past few days a lot of rumors have been making the rounds online regarding new music from our dear Britney Spears. Not only has the supposed title of her new single been revealed but an alleged “tentative release date” for her next album has also come to light. The information on Britney’s new music has yet to be officially announced/confirmed but we know from Britney herself that she’s got something planned for us THIS WEEK. Will she announce a new single (with music video) and album? HMMM. Click below to learn about these new music rumors and find out what folks claim her new single will be titled.

Firstly … the single. According to word on the Internets, Britney’s new single MAY be titled Werk Bitch. Britney has been hashtagging the word #Werk on Twitter a lot so it’s feasible that this rumor is true. I’m not sure how I feel about this possible title just yet … but if the song is hot, then I’m sure I won’t be minding one bit once it gets released.

In regards to her new album, Britney appears to be suggesting on her various social network accounts that her upcoming 8th album may be a sequel of sorts to her BRILLIANT album Blackout. Britney’s Facebook profile, for example, was updated with a big black rectangle … a sort of Blacking Out of her page. Might this be a hint that her next album will pick up where Blackout left off?

And when, pray tell, might we expect this new album? According to Breathe Heavy, the as-yet-untitled album may be out in early December:

#BreatheHeavy @britneyspears Tentative #Album8 release date! :-)

In years past, Britney has released albums in early December, right around her birthday of December 2 … so this is a feasible release date. We should know officially soon. There’s another rumor going around that Britney may appear on Good Morning America soon to announce … something … new music? Las Vegas residency? We are on the cusp of a NEW era of Britney Spears music … and I’m ready to explode! I cannot WAITTT!


  • Mark

    I’m sorry, but if she releases a song called Werk Bitch, I will lose all sense of control over my body. Then I will get to werk. #TheHolySpearit

    • Lucas

      haha so will I! I will not be responsible for my actions! I’m already losing my shiz!

  • Jamie O.

    CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!! Thanks for all the updates, Trent!

  • Monicaaa

    IF the song is hot? Where’s the faith in our dear Britney, Trent?? She never lets us down! :)