A Photo Of Adam Levine In His Underwear Hits The Internets

Thanks for Sharing, Behati

Back in July, we learned that singer and coach on The Voice Adam Levine got himself engaged to be married to his model girlfriend Behati Prinsloo. Today we get to see a hot photo shared by Behati that shows just how proud she is of her hawt fiancée. Prinsloo posted a photo on her official Instagram profile that shows Adam rockin’ a pair of sunglasses, a pair of black bikini undies … and nothing else. Oh, I know you want to see this so … click below, won’t you?

70′s porn called. It wants it’s vibe back. Immediately.

Wooot!! Lookin’ good, Adam. I can see why Behati would want to share her bounty with all of us. BUT, as hot as this photo is, let’s not forget about that even hotter photo that was released a couple of years ago that features Levine wearing nothing but his ex-girlfriend Anna V‘s handsand nothing else:

Yeeeeeah, I think it’s pretty clear that Adam Levine has no problem showing off … which is great because I have no problem with his desire to show off :)


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  1. Love the under titty tattoo, very RiRi

  2. schmee

    The latches on the door make it look like he has 1998 boy band hair or Chris Shepard style hair buns (Did you have Chris Shepard there?)

    Once its been seen, it can not be unseen


  3. MJ

    Meh…. Old pic > new one

  4. Katy

    Break me off a piece of THAT!

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