Watch: Christina Aguilera Releases A Music Video For ‘Let There Be Love’


Earlier today we learned of an EXTREMELY LONG open letter of thanks that Christina Aguilera published for fans and right now we get to check out the just-released music video that accompanies Xtina’s letter. A couple of PITNB readers (thanks cutitout and scriven) gave me the head’s up that Xtina released a music video for her song Let There Be Love in response to the fan outcry that the song be released as a single. The Aguilerites have spoken and Xtina listened. Click the embed above to watch the video and see what you think. Personally, I love the relaxed, more laid back look of this video. Xtina looks fresh-faced and happy. Here’s hoping this song is a hit for her and that she continues to promote her music in this fun way. After you check out the vid, let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • scriven

    Did anyone else see/read this!? VERY interesting..

  • scriven

    @ Trent very interesting read…true or not…

  • Britney’sBitch

    She looks very ‘Genie in the bottle’ish which is kinda good…I guess.
    The video looks amateur-ish…which also could be a good thing.

    But there is a lot of L signs in the video…which is usually used to gesture the word ‘loser’ not ‘love’….and it shouldn’t be used anywhere around Xtina….might be misinterpreted! lolz

    • Stiof├ín Mac Gearailt

      Passive aggressive much? A lot of it is “home” video footage or stuff shot in that style. And the “L” can stand for many things, she is obviously wanting to re-appropriate it into a symbol of positivity and good feeling.

  • Lulu

    She looks happy, so that’s good, and I don’t hate the song which is also good. It’s honestly the first I’ve heard from her new stuff…..

  • nicole

    its a cute video. every looks happy. little Max isnt so little anymore. its definitely a video for the fans – which i can appreciate. and girl its lookin good!

  • xtina_fighter2

    #LetThereBeLove LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I Liked it!!! Work Xtina!

  • Erika

    Christina has ALWAYS been my favorite. She’s the only pop star who’s albums I actually purchase; on Bionic the ballads were the only songs I supported on that album, which are worth listening to/purchasing btw!

  • momo

    yay! she looks great, she looks happy and the vid is def more laid back … like you said Trent. Here hoping this song can be a hit! …might have been good to have had it released at the beginning if the summer, has a summer feel to it.

  • Elizabeth Hoeting

    This is everything I love about her! Simple with a positive vibe. Totally loving the song!

  • Hamsterd Lisanta

    Cute music video. I like the fun vibe it has.

  • Emily Lange

    is it strange if i say it moved me emotionally? I get that it’s just a dance track but it was sweet, and loving. hope she has more songs AND videos like this

    • @Emily Lange — I agree. If she keeps doing stuff like this, she will undoubtedly be more successful.